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SA hand analysts of the future

Jena Griffiths IIHA hand analysis course in Johannesburg South Africa

SA hand analyts of the future

Left to right: Margot Finberg, Helen Sardinha, Hester Hickey, Charmaine Boast with me.
I’m just back home in Switzerland after spending 2 wonderful weeks in South Africa.
Last weekend was my first 3 day professional hand analysis intensive in Johannesburg. I was really blessed with a wonderful group of dedicated participants.
Like my recent Zurich group, nearly all were long index finger – Zeus/Jupiter types. Yikes!
Fortunately I took fellow IIHA hand analyst teacher, Ronelle Coburn’s, advice on how to manage Zeus type students.
Make them all work really really hard.
If this was a hand analysis course why the drawing of a scuba diver?
An interesting way of explaining the role of fingerprints in our lives.

B&B Johannesburg, conference facility plus B&B

Ten Stirling conference facility, Waverley, Johannesburg

David Pastoll of 10 Stirling B&B and Conference facility really spoilt us with freshly baked scones and muffins every day. A really first class facility. I’ll be back again next year to offer another course at this venue, July or August 2014. Join my mailing list for updates on the exact dates.

Hand analysis course in Geneva – feedback

I really enjoyed teaching life purpose hand analysis recently at Dare to Glow in Geneva.
They’re a wonderful group of people and I look forward to going back there in 2013.
If you’re ever looking for a venue in the heart of Geneva I can’t more highly recommend Dare to Glow, created by Carolina Rodriguez Barros.
NaNa Divina did a brilliant job of translating everything into French. Here are some pictures of us from the day.
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For more information regarding courses email Jena

Life Purpose Hand Analysis course in Geneva

November 25, 2012 I’ll be giving a hand analysis class hosted by the wonderful women of Dare to Glow in Geneva.
This is perhaps the first time life purpose hand analysis will be taught in Geneva
My talented friend NaNa Divina will translate from English to French.
Join us in Geneva

More information in English
More information in French
life purpose, life purpose hand analysis, self discovery, Jena Griffiths, how to read a palm
On this full day course you will learn:

  • How to read life purpose from your fingerprints.
  • How to read heart lines and why this helps at work and in relationships.
  • What are your strengths and talents?
  • Learn how to see these in hands.
  • What are your soft spots?
  • How knowing your weaknesses helps you overcome them.
  • In the morning we will learn about personality challenge and gift markers.
    In the afternoon we will learn to read life purpose from fingerprints.
    Saviez-vous que vos mains et leur lignes reflètent votre être profond? Continue reading

    Famous hands – Kennedy brothers, Lindberg, Garbo, Dietrich, Twain, Max Planck

    hand analysis classes famous hands, how to read a palm, palmistry, palm reading, DIY hand analysis
    This week we’ll be exploring famous hands from the past: The three Kennedy brothers, Charles Lindberg,
    Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Mark Twain and Max Planck.
    hand analysis classes, how to read a palm, palm reading, palmistry

    Here’s Marlene Dietrich’s hand print.
    hand analysis classes, DIY hand analysis, how to read a palm, palmistry classes, palm reading classes

    Notice all the crackly lines on her palm. This is a creative, Fire hand shape type.
    Also notice how long Marlene’s pinkie finger is. It’s much longer than the dotted red line (measured from the joint on her ring finger). This means she was quick, sharp and clever. No wonder she was able to keep reinventing herself over so many years.
    Register for this call here.

    Building a successful metaphysical practice – part 2

    Our second call with RIchard Unger on the topic Building a Successful Hand Reading Practice is today.
    We’ll be discussing the number one factor that most marketing gurus and business building strategists overlook.

    What’s that?
    Sabotage Strategies and Counter Strategies.

    Are you unwittingly sabotaging yourself?
    If so, in what way?
    How to recognise this and what to do.
    Last week discussed the first 5 of Richard’s 8 keys to running a successful metaphysical practice.
    This week we’ll discuss 3 more keys to unlocking the door to success.

    Is it really possible to earn money reading hands?

    Register for this call here
    If you miss the call, there’s a replay.

    Family complications: are you dreading thanksgiving and the holiday season?

    “If you want to know how spiritual you’ve become – go home and visit your family!” Anon

    how to survive relatives
    We’re getting to that time of the year when the branches we thought we’d chopped off the family tree forever suddenly start sprouting, rooting and shooting. (Or is that a polite way of saying your relatives have arrived unannounced and are opening your best wines without being asked?)
    With Thanksgiving and the holiday season just around the corner its time to start focusing on what to do about relatives and family relations.
    We’ve got 2 calls on this topic coming up with Richard Unger. Today we’ll explore this topic from a problem solving perspective and next Tuesday we’ll look at detailed case scenarios.
    Today’s call is for everyone dealing with family issues. Next Tuesday’s call is a specialist call for professional and amateur hand analysts.

    What will we discuss today?
    – What to do when you feel your family isn’t supporting you or when someone is too dominant?
    – How to improve family relations by improving your relationship to yourself
    – The difference between compromise and selling out
    – Should you forgive your family? What to do about opening old wounds?
    – How can your hands help you survive family gatherings in the coming holiday season?

    Register for this call here.

    Hand analysis tip:

    Is your thinking heavily influenced by your original family?
    Take a look at how connected your head line is to your lifeline.
    Your head line shows your thinking style, your lifeline is your family line.

    Is there a gap between the two showing independence of thought?
    Or Continue reading

    Indecision – it’s in your hands. Next call with Richard Unger

    “I used to think I was indecisive. But now I’m not too sure.”

    The next call with with Richard Unger is next Thursday 8pm Swiss time, 2pm Eastern, 11am Pacific.
    The topic is indecision.


    Please go there as soon as possible and type in any questions you have for Richard on this topic.

    Ways that I can think of (off the top of my head) that indecision shows up in hands:

    tented arches in your fingerprints,
    left Jupiter life lesson,
    horizontals in the third eye,
    double fate line (saturn line),
    bubble on the end of the headline,
    long headline,
    desire pollution,
    board of directors line,
    boxes under saturn finger,
    air hand, (maybe),
    long Mercury finger, (maybe),
    double head line? (maybe),
    double lifeline? (maybe),

    I’m sure Richard, as usual, will give us a much richer, deeper perspective on this topic.
    I’m looking forward to hearing his views.

    If you would like to engage live with Richard during the next call, please come onto the telephone after 1hr 15.
    I’ll open the lines up so that you can ask questions directly after all the webcast questions have been answered

    I’ll also be interviewing Sue Rasmussen of
    www.unclutter-organize-transform.com on this topic.

    From Richard you will get “the how to diagnose this condition and the cause of it accurately in hands”
    From Sue you’ll get the “what to do about this issue” (to help yourself or advise your client).
    Continue reading

    Richard Unger agrees to give more hand analysis classes online

    Whether you’re a hobby hand analyst wanting to know what the markers on your hands actually mean or if you’re a professional hand analyst looking to improve your skills, I have great news for you:
    Richard Unger has agreed to an extention of the interview series we’ve been running since September.
    The master and originator of modern hand analysis will be staying on in Earth School to teach you personally the finer nuances of understanding the language of hands.

    The series will continue for at least another 9 months.

    Each month we explore in depth a different topic.

    Next week is the 4th class: Topic: Indecision.
    More information or register here: http://handanalysisonline.com/earth-school-topic-4-richard-unger-on-indecision/

    Previous topics?
    September was Topic 1: How depression shows up in hands Purchase this class here
    Oct Topic 2: How burnout shows up in hands Purchase this class here
    November was Topic 3: Can’t Say No Purchase this class here

    These calls enable you to fine tune your understanding of numerous hand markers and what they mean for their owners.

    If you actually have any of the the markers under discussion then these calls are a way for you to get the pure essence of what they mean. There is so much misinformation out there and also so much “broken telephone” going on that you may only get to hear a fraction of what your hands are actually telling you.

    Scroll down to earlier posts for some exerpts from previous calls in the series to get an idea of the richness of these calls.

    If you’d like to learn how to read your own palms using scientific hand analysis techniques come learn directly from the master.

    Can’t say no? Next hand analysis class on Thursday

    The third call in our series with Richard Unger is this coming Thursday,
    18 November 2010 at 11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern,
    7pm UK, 8 pm Switzerland/Central Europe, 9 pm SA.

    Earth School call series

    Jena Griffiths interviews Richard Unger

    The topic is “Can’t say no”

    Join us this Thursday for another in-depth call.

    Here’re just a few of the markers we’ll be discussing:

    Desire pollution, D forks on the heartline, horizontals in the 3rd eye, bent jupiter fingers (power give away), eroded upper Jupiter (compromised ideals), eroded lower Jupiter (avoiding conflict) or related fingerprint markings (eg. “what I want is not important” (left Jupiter and left Saturn Life lesson)…

    (This is just the tip of the iceberg of what we’ll be discussing during the call.)

    To join this call, register here
    In preparation for Thursday’s call, here are some links to previous blogs related to the subject can’t say no:

    D-fork on heart line:
    What it looks like:

    Desire pollution:
    what it looks like:

    A previous blog by me on desire pollution:

    Horizontals in third eye:
    what it looks like:

    A previous blog by Continue reading

    Can’t say no? Next online hand analysis class with Richard Unger

    The next call with Richard Unger will be on 18 November 2010.
    Topic: ‘Can’t say no.’

    During this call we’ll be looking at how hands reveal the reasons why you can’t say no
    and how each reason has a different solution.
    Whether you yourself can’t say no or you’re a healer, a coach, a psychologist
    or an advanced hand analyst, this call with deepen your understanding and give you more insight to better serve your clients.

    On the call you’ll learn :

    * the different ways not being able to say no show up in hands
    * what each marker means exactly.
    * how to understand the finer nuances and differences between these markers.
    * how to talk to and help clients who have any of these markers.
    * how knowing more about your hands helps you get to the core of your condition and shows you the way out.

    This is an online hand analysis class with the genius behind modern hand analysis.
    To register for this call or find out more.