Are you wearing storm-tinted glasses?

storm tinted glasses, frowning girdlesAre you wearing rose-tinted glasses or storm-tinted specs? Problem is, it is easier to see the lenses other people are wearing but not our own. You’ll never know you are wearing shades, unless someone persuades you to take them off, even for just a second.
Why do it?
To see how bright ordinary-extraordinary life is.
And if you don’t?
In my sailing days I knew a couple who claimed they always got a storm. And so they always did.
On one sea crossing, while the rest of us complained of no wind, they said that had such a huge storm they were knee deep in water below deck. We used to joke with them about not leaving port on the same day as they did in order to avoid bad weather at sea. Unfortunately, they were the only couple I knew who disappeared at sea, without a trace during a massive storm.
Our thoughts really are that creative.

If you have one of these markers in your hands, the good news is that just seeing it for what it is can help to remind you that you have a choice here. You can experiment with looking at life afresh. Or at least reflect on the pros and cons of holding onto or letting go of your current shades.
The best way I know for doing this is Byron Katie’s 4 questions and a turnaround.
The turnaround is a smart way of removing your current specs and trying others for size.

Here is a different version of this article with a story from my own life illustrating how this works.
Below, some of the ways that thinking dark and stormy thoughts show up in your hands and briefly what each hand marker means.

Star of tears = sadness as an identity
star of tears
Abyss line = previously feeling unsupported by the universe
heart & spiritual journey markers 4, hand analysis classes
Saturn ring = pessimistic, sombre perspective
heart & spiritual journey markers 4
Saturn ring

Frowning girdle = negative imagination

heart & spiritual journey markers 4, hand analysis classes
Girdle Frown

Lover’s Frown = an unhappy belief regarding one’s intimate relationship

heart and spiritual journey markers 4
Lover’s Frown

Zindler Frown = feelings of thwarted ambition
Read more about this marker here

heart and spiritual journey markers series 4
Zindler Frown

Jacob’s ladder = dark night of the soul
Read more about the Jacob’s ladder here
heart and spiritual journey markers 4

Would you like to know more about each of these markers, join our monthly, Heart and Spiritual Journey Marker classes which is part of the Tuesdays with Richard series. We discuss the dark and the light side of each.
Action steps to test if you are wearing shades that you might not be aware of.
Put your current view of the world to test.
Ask yourself Byron Katie’s 4 questions:
1. is it true
2. Can you know for sure that it is true?
3. How do you react when you think this thought?
4. Who would you be without this thought?
Then turn the thought around or upside down, or reverse it, or change it in some way. (Remove your current lenses for a moment).
Eg. Instead of “He betrayed me” try “I betrayed me” or “I betrayed him”
Which lens feels more true?…

You can apply this learn more about applying this process to your current dilemma through my interview with Byron Katie.
Through her books. Or on Byron Katie’s website.
Or include insight from your hands, book a short or longer online consultation with me here.

To learn how to analyze hands in an empowering way take an online course with me with personal or group mentoring

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