Decoding hand shape – free video

Hand shape is the ultimate personality assessment tool.
This 15 minute video explains Richard Unger’s thinking and most recent work on decoding hand shape.

The video is about 15 minutes long.
You can listen to the rest of this 35 minute interview in Earth School’s free auditorum.
What did we discuss?
There’s also another free call with Richard on hand shape in Earth School’s archives of free calls.
During this call we discussed 3 more archetypes (master of my domain, the professor and the musician.)
There are also a few posts by me on understanding hand shape plus a free class on common hand shape combinations.
Just log in free to access all these calls.

The new hand shape course with Richard starts in Earth School today.
Register here
Richard is director of the IIHA (International Institute of Hand Analysis).
A lot of the material we’ll be covering represents Richard’s latest work and has never been taught before.

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