Delicious Dilemmas – understanding people through their contradictions

“Every hand has a Delicious Dilemma. Find it and you are at the core of your reading.” – Richard Unger

“Delicious Dilemmas” are contradictions or inner tensions in a personality.

Inner Mastermind, inner conflict, competing sub-personalities

An example of a delicious Dilemma?
Long Pinkie finger (Strategic thinking) versus a fiery heart line type. (The heart line curves up towards the middle finger.)
The danger? Long Mercury – is aware of consequences (strategic) and short circuits tendency to be fiery (spontaneous, passionate, not worried about consequences.)

Join us for a class on this topic with Richard Unger. We discuss several types of delicious dilemma.
Numerous scenarios similar to this one that you should be looking out for every time you look at a pair of hands.

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