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school of peace born with post traumatic stress disorder
Arch pattern on fingerprints

During the summer holidays my mum came to stay with us and brought the manuscript of her memoirs with her so that I could help her with it. During dinner with a friend, I made a comment about how the book started, which was rather a dramatic personal revelation about my mum’s birth.

My mum didn’t comment.  Then, a few days later, while going through her manuscript again, I noticed that I’d been completely wrong about her  opening paragraphs.  I said, “But I thought you started by saying ……..!” And she said, “No, that was your idea. That’s how you thought I should start it!”

I was taken aback. How could I have been so wrong about what she’d actually written but, more importantly,  how come she hadn’t contradicted me over dinner?

Then I remembered that that was how my mum was built.  She’s a clever woman and a strong character but she’s a gracious, gentle soul. A peace lover, who loves harmony and avoids conflict. She seeks peace no matter what the price.

When I was growing up I never once saw my parents argue, let alone fight.  They were devoted to each other but in hindsight I guess she did most of the compromising.

I was wondering if this showed up in her hand shape or in the shape of the bottom part of her index finger and then I remembered that she has 8 arches in her fingerprints.

Arches indicate a deep  fear of being here on this planet, manifesting in a human body. Call it karma if you will. Or past life wounding.  Or DNA family patterns depending on your belief system.

According to Richard Unger, having arches in your fingerprints is like being born with post traumatic stress syndrome.  In his LifePrints system of analysing fingerprints, Arch type fingerprints put you in the School of  Peace.  This is the underlying essence of what you seek and so, even when the price is high, you may do what it
takes to keep the peace.

This is one of the markers we’ll be exloring in depth with Richard this Thursday during the next call in our Earth

School interview series:  Topic 3. Can’t say no.

Do you have any arches in your hands?

Sometimes they are in the palm of the hand, not just in the fingerprints.
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