Do you believe in love at first sight?

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A year or two ago a cyber friend in Hawaii sent me a youtube wedding invitation. She had recently met the man of her dreams and planned to marry him right away. And so they made a youtube video to announce their love to the world and invite friends to come to their special day.

I was amazed that she could just know immediately and be so decisive about acting on this impulse.
And then tell the world.

Most of us would wait a few years to see how real this was.
But there’s nothing like knowing and living in the moment.

Last week, on our very first print work threading call with Richard Unger we discussed several hand markers, including a hand marker called “Love at first sight” – indicating an ability to dive right in and follow the heart.

If you have this marker, prudence is not in your vocabulary.

You can hear a snippet of Richard Unger discussing this and other markers in our last call:

What does this hand marker look like?[
It’s a relationship line that curves right down to the heart line.
In worst case scenarios it goes right through the heart line and meets an attack line, indicating disatrous marriage.

To see an image of this palm marker
caption id=”attachment_2677″ align=”alignnone” width=”400″ caption=”love at first sight hand marker”]love at first sight palm marker[/caption]

2 thoughts on “Do you believe in love at first sight?

  1. Kiran Katawa Reply

    Hi Jena, this not necessarily might indicate that the owner has choosen a life partner at first sight. Right?

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