Do you have a foot whorl?

I’ve just spent 10 days in the bush exploring foot prints instead of hand prints.
Fascinating how much one can tell about what’s going on just by looking at a few imprints in the sand.
Just like hand prints you can get a pretty clear picture of what’s going on.
game spoor
As the prints reveal, here’s what was out and about.
self catering game reserve near kruger park
So while on the subject of footprints, I thought I’d show you something equally fascinating

– the foot print of a well known Hindu monk.

I was surprised to see the beautiful whorl on the ball of his foot. Apparently the Buddha had this marking too.
footwhorl 2
buddha's foot whorl
What does it mean?
I have no idea but here is a theory from India:
It is regarded as a spiritual symbol is both Hinduism and Buddhism and it is said that Lord Krishna had them on his feet (see above) and often statues of the Buddha are depicted with them if he is in lotus posture with the soles of his feet turned up. It is said to be found on the feet of spiritually evolved people.
We don’t tend to explore human footprints in the West as much as is done in warmer climates.
Don’t just sit there.
Take off your socks, stockings and shoes and explore yet another unexplored facet of your soul/soles…
Who knows, maybe you have one too.
(Thanks to Benjamin Pinardi for these images and the information about the meaning of foot whorls in India.)

42 thoughts on “Do you have a foot whorl?

  1. Kelli Reply

    Was curious, Yes, checked it out & have it on both feet. Our feet in dreams relate to our foundation, our beliefs & understanding.

    Interesting – that area relates to DIVINE LOVE & it’s located in our HIGHER HEART (thymus) area. It’s about TRANSCENDING physical form. Higher consciousness. Contains our DNA patterning, our karmic architecture, how we’re wired up, plus PL info. That particular area is a BRIDGE between heart & head/ emotion & intellect/ body & soul.

    Very interesting Jena, thank you for sharing.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      There is a woman in South Africa called Karin Lombardozzi who reads feet, but mainly for health purposes and to determine blocked chakras
      I think she has a book called Footology.

  2. Rey Reply

    Hi Jena, that was quite fascinating. You wouldn’t believe this but I have the very same ball on the ball of my feet too. You would be amazed to know that I don’t have a single whorl, I have one whorl beneath each toe. I never knew their importance, no one in my family has it. Thanks for the information, I guess I am a bit special.

  3. Narendra das Reply

    Hi Jena,

    The whorl on the foot print is highly significant in India.First the feet are an important place from where energie and knowledge are flowing.It is why most of the Indians as a sign of respect touch the feet of their teachers,Guru and elders.In Sanskrit the whorl is named as Shanka meaning “conch”.It is an attribute of Lord Vishnu (from whom Krishna is an avatar)and symbolize “ether”(akash) element.It is said that by blowing the conch (usually at the end of rituals and prier)we reproduce the sound of the primal matrix from where all creation extended till now(“at the beginning was the verb…”).So in my knowledge,to have a whorl on both feet means a person who has the ability to spontaneously tune to his or her highness (or with spiritual practice) recollecting knowledge spontaneously from previous incarnation or just knowledge as its core in the matrix.So those person are spiritually oriented, ,knowledgeable and definitely disposed to lets they feet print on the spiritual adventure of human kind!

  4. David Reply

    Interesting – the feet of Buddha has the conch on one foot and what looks like Surya, the sun on the other. I have whorls on both.

    And on 9/10 fingers too. Richard read me twice a couple of years ago.
    Thanks for the site.

  5. Rajiv Reply

    i have one whorl in each my foot identical to foot print shown above at same place but mine are more round, ,exact circular , more revolving but i am a very sinful person. i know. all bad habits and acts i did then what do these round circles mean ?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      🙂 at some level we are all god. So maybe you have explored your darker sides in order to demonstrate your potential opposite – the dark serves the light…

  6. r mohan Reply

    i have a whorl on both feet. yes there has been spritual inclination to seek truth but swyed now & than .still there is thirst. in palmistry often indicates determined person.what on foot ball. please share.

  7. Khushboo Singh Reply

    I have foot whirl as shown in picture – on both of my feet.. and i found my salvation in Jesus.

  8. Adarsh Kumar Reply

    I have it in both toes but I like science and maths more than religion.BTW I don’t believe in karma

  9. Sujit Reply

    Hi Jena,

    I was searching for meaning of having whorl on foot. Stopped at your article. I have the whorl on my right foot at the same location as depicted in the image shared by you in the article. Wanted to know if this matters or has something relevant from spiritual point of view.


    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Sujit, I am busy researching this and have started to make footprints as well as hand prints of my clients to build up a data base.
      I think it has something to do with grounding or helping a new consciousness ground here on Earth. But not sure. Need to collect accurate data.
      Could you please send me your hand and footprints and the story of your life so far?

  10. pawankr Reply

    yes i have foot whorl in both leg.want to know what is the meaning of this sign…yes i am a religious person since my birth. now i am runing on 67 year..

  11. kanwal Reply

    I have a whorl on my both feet one is perfectly round and other is loopy.

      • Amit kumar Reply

        Whorl sign in my left and right hand moon parvat. And also whorl sign of left and right foot.

  12. kanwal Reply

    Yes i think i am entirely different not even from my family but from my whole society my thoughts, my beliefs my ambitions every thing is totally different.
    I also have sydney crease and suwon crease on my both hands no one in my family has such kind of lines.

  13. pawan kumar Reply

    yes i have foot whorl on my both feet.what is the real meaning of that .came to know from few that the person can meet GOD with breath (alive),in this birth.but don’t know what is the real meaning….if any one can say than reply…….

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      you and your life experience plus others with this marker need to be studied for us to determine possible meanings.
      I think it is related to capacity to be a pure “antenna” grounding light/heaven on earth which is what we are all designed to do eventually but as you had this on your feet 5 months prior to birth, it indicates work already done; something you brought with you this time round…

  14. pawan kumar Reply

    As per written in SRIMAD BHAGWAD GITA i saw suchma rupa of soul of my wife just after few minutes after she stopped breathing as she was going in a small type of plane or viman and she was waving her hand as saying bye bye.In her last minute of breath she said ki mere ko lene apasara ka viman aaya hai i tried to see up but could see nothing.after few minutes i saw her soul going.don’t know ye khudrat ka hi kamal hai .hardly any one can belive,but this is 100% more experience i have but afarid to share with any one …….that was also 100% truth…..

  15. Parker Reply

    What an interesting article. My wife of 16 years have beautiful spiral patterns on the balls of her feet. And although I personally don’t see anything spiritual about it, (that’s just my honest opinion), but they surely accentuate the pure natural beauty of the bottoms of her feet which (to me) is one of her best physical attributes.

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