Do you have a Neptune Star?

“Tears are words that need to be written” ~ Paulo Coelho
This week in Earth School we’re exploring the theme grief and rage and deep diving to places so dark few people are willing to go there voluntarily.
Neptune is king of these watery depths. This is the portion of your hand related to deep emotions. It’s the part of your hand towards the bottom of your palm where it joins your wrist.
If you have a star in this region then the following quote describes your talents:
“I need someone who believes that the sun will rise again but who does not fear my darkness. Someone who can point out the rocks in my way without making me a child by carrying me. Someone who can stand in thunder and watch the lightning and believe in a rainbow.” ~ Fr Joe Mahoney

You’re a deep diver. Someone gifted in being able to help others navigate deep waters and darker realms of human emotional experience.
Neptune star owners make great hospice workers or grief counselors. Most people can’t deal with such deep emotions. They can’t understand why the person feels so deeply or why they can’t move on. Neptune star owners know what its like to feel like you’re at the bottom of the ocean. They’ve been there themselves. They know that the only cure for grief is grieving. And they’re willing to be present without fearing another person’s darkness.

Do you have one of these stars? Here’s what a Neptune Star looks like.
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We’ll be exploring the Neptune Star in detail today during our Earth School call with Richard Unger on Grief and Rage.
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Sometimes this star is too low down to print on normal hand prints. If this is you, make sure the ink covers this area so that the star shows up on the page.
Give sorrow words; the grief that does not speak whispers the o’er-fraught heart and bids it break.~ William Shakespeare

In our advanced threading call on Grief and Rage here are the markers we discussed in detail:
Double Neptune stars,
Neptune Frown,
Jacob’s Ladder,
Pluto grill,
Pluto attack that seems to start from other side,
Man of action vs soft hand,
Soap Opera hand shape,
Story teller and Herald hand shape,
Fate line going to Jupiter finger,
Apollo line going to Mercury,
Pluto fate lines,
Thumbs needing ballast,
Xs between fate and life line,
Ring around thumb,
Short Mercury finger,
Soap Opera hand shape + flat tipped Saturn,
bubbles on via lascivia,
Power without Apology,
an Epiphany.

This call series can be purchased on its own or as part of a series.

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