Do you have an Apollo Star? shows up in your hands in a number of ways. For example, spatulate finger tips. Or lots of fiery crackly lines all over your hands. Or a rounded flame-like fire shape hand. Or long ring fingers. Or special lines that run up through your palm to towards your ring finger. All these indicate tremendous creativity, but the marker that tops them all is the Apollo Star – Rolls Royce of creativity markers.
That’s a star-like formation underneath the ring finger.
Why is it called an Apollo star?
The ring finger and the region underneath it is named after Apollo, the Greek god associated with creativity, artistic perfection, showmanship and display. The star is like an explosion of energy in this creative zone.

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Apollo Stars under the ring finger
Apollo stars require of their owners to step into the spotlight, live their unique expression and risk tomatoes.
When combined with other markers, it indicates a need to live these other talents in a high profile way,
on stage or doing group work or offering courses or seminars.
Here are some close ups of what this star looks like.
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Apollo star close up
gift markers, gift markings, hand analysis classes
Sometimes there are Venus girdles that add other spurs to make an 8 pointed star –
adding extra sensitivity and emotional imagination to the mix.

More about the different spurs of the star and what they mean.
How the interpretation of the star changes with precise location and hand shape

How to make the most of your incredible gift?
The positive sides of the marker and call to action alerts when you don’t use your tremendous potential.

Learn more about Apollo stars and hundreds of other markers in my hand analysis foundation classes.
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I’m creative why don’t I have this star?
You can’t be missing a gift marker. The absence of the marker does not indicate an absence of creativity.
rather the star is a call to action to step into the spotlight.

107 thoughts on “Do you have an Apollo Star?

  1. Kim T. Phetteplace Reply

    Hi Jena, Thank you so much for this article. I am a highly creative individual myself with my life purpose marked by whorls on both ring fingers (plus at least one of my pinkies …one pinkie whorl is a slight variant). But the reason I feel compelled to comment (and inquire) today is because I have a two-year-old grandson who has this gift marker and I’m wondering regarding your thoughts on that …what to do with creative gift markers on children so young. I also work with my dreams; shortly after he was born I had a very lucid dream that Micah was a young adult and the member of a music group that had a hit song. I saw him singing his heart out about how the pain of life can be transformed to meaning. I took this dream to be perhaps suggesting something about the soul who had just come to us and his potential. Then I discovered the work of Richard Unger and started looking at the hands of my loved ones …only to discover Micah’s Apollo Star. I welcome your thoughts. (There’s more to this story …but that’s the short version…) Thanks again!!! Kim+

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Well Kim that’s an amazing story you tell. Gift markers are very rare on children’s hands. They usually only grow in much later.
      It would support your intuition about him.
      Sometimes gift markers appear on children’s hands when one parent isn’t inhabiting the gift, eg healer.
      All the best,

      • Lexi Reply

        Rare? That’s neat…I’m still a teenager myself, and I recently just discovered palm reading, I found this weird star like symbol underneath my index finger, and I had to know what it meant right away.

  2. Jack Reply

    Wow! This all sounds so exciting and fun! I have read your previous posts also and trying to learn this art of reading hand lines. I have combined all of your techniques and tried reading my friend’s hand and I was quite successful. Thanks for sharing all this. Keep sharing more.

  3. L Reply

    Thank you for posting such a clear example. I have starbursts on both Apollo mounts. Nice to know my path is supported!

  4. charlotte Reply

    Thank you for posting, I have a star on my right hand on the mount of Sun. However, I’m not sure if its classed as a star of apollo. Its five pointed and i have a branch from life line going towards the sun mount and other branches hatching towards the sun mount.

    What does this mean?

  5. tee Reply

    Hi.. is it possible to not have a star.. bcz I can’t see any… does this mn tht I dun hv spotlight posiblity in my life

  6. Mai Reply

    hi 🙂 I‘m Mai, I have an apollo star on my left palm but I dont know how to step on the spotlight.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Mai, what do you love to do that you’re good at? Find the courage to practice no matter what others do or say or think..

  7. Mai Reply

    they said that if a person has an star on apollo, they will become famous in later life. Is this true?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Mai, the best way to predict the future is to invent it yourself.
      Star of Apollo means you have the right “machinery” to bring your unique creativity to into the spotlight (or to do group work such as seminars.) Whether you do or don’t is your choice..

  8. Paulishia Reply

    Hey I’m Paulishia, I have a star at the bottom of my hand on my palm with a steep career line attached to it going up my hand to my ring finger. With a star being on your palm under Apollo is that different oppose to it being up top like in the picture shown?? its weird to say that I never knew I had this star until I saw it on Michael Jacksons hand and I was shocked and curious.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      if the line you call a “career line” runs up to the Apollo finger rather than the Saturn finger this is the professional performer line.
      A star on the bottom of the palm either relates to the moon (intuition) or if it is on a major line such as the career line then it relates to an event. A significant turning point in your past.

      • Paulishia Reply

        What exactly do you mean by it relates to an event? Significant turning point in the past ?What kind of star would that be considered?

          • Venus

            Hi dear Jena… can I have your email address please so I can send you the picture of my hand… I think I have 2 or 3 stars on my Apollo mount…. would love to confirm it with you …..please … thanks…. love

  9. Alma Reply

    Hi… i am a little bit confused. My son Liam (5) has a star on his left palm but like teal pentagram. On top of it on his right palm there is LIAM written with lines in correct order:)

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Alma, sounds like a creative little guy to manage this! Send a pic.
      Children’s hands are changing all the time and often reflect issues going on in the parents’ lives. Only the fingerprints don’t change (soul psychology).

  10. Richard Edenfield Reply

    I have not been able to find an answer to this palmistry question, anywhere. I have looked in occult bookstores, online, everywhere. So I came across this site and thought I would ask. I have a pentagram smack dab in the middle of my Apollo mount with a circle in the middle of it. I am a writer. I was told big things were going to happen for my writing. All the stuff I see is for a star formation, not a pentagram. And have only found one reference to a circle in the middle of a star but not a pentagram. Have any ideas? Thanks. Pentagram represents a woman helping me? That sort of thing maybe.

  11. Fifi Reply

    I do seem to have a apollo star and simian line too. I on software engineering field and love to write.

  12. Michelle Reply

    Hi Jena,
    I have been looking for some info on a heart shaped mark on Apollo. It has come up on my hand recently (sometime in last year or so) over the top of a star formation on my right hands Apollo mount. Have you ever seen this mark before and what do you think it means?

  13. Srishtie Srivastava Reply

    I have an apollos star and I have a feeling that’s really amazing. I want to send a picture of it to you. Can you assist?

  14. Moazzam251290 Reply

    Hi I hv 8 pointed star on left palm right on Apollo mount am 26 nothing big good happens yet waiting and trying…

  15. KarindN Reply

    I have a five pointed star in my left hand.ill try to attach a picture. My index finger is missing due to an accident. Can’t find an attachment icon. Email me and I’ll put the pictures in the return email.
    Thank you

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      if the missing point of the star is the one that would normally point towards the middle finger (Saturn) then work and discipline is what is missing

  16. Vishal Reply

    Could u send me your email. I would like to confirm that does my hand has a star or not. I dnt knw how to post the pic here. If possible help me here. Thanks

  17. Vishal Reply

    I got simian line . And a big fate line from the wrist right upto the top. And i dnt knw but there a big star which conects to 3 different fingers,accoumpanying with the girdle of venus. Its sort of weird. I dont understand what to make out of it. Thanks

  18. Deen Reply

    I think I have a Apollo star but wanted to confirm with you ,So please let me know how to send the Pic to you.

      • Deen Reply

        It doesn’t have a proper point in the center its like a tiny triangle in it and there is an island in Apollo spur !

  19. khan Reply

    please tell me , i have small circle under the ring finger and the pointed star with long offshoots one goes to the mount of the jupiter and other off shoot move towards the mount of mercury .. and also have the triagle with sister lines on the mount of apollo.. square is also present above or below the heart line

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Khan probably you are meant to step into the spotlight but are somehow blocking yourself with thinking too much..

  20. marine23 Reply

    i have a star on my fate line in circle under my middle finger just in the middle of my palm , what does it mean ?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      this post is about Apollo stars. look at the post on Saturn stars for the full meaning, it’s about connecting people to what they need..

  21. Steven Reply

    Hi Jena,
    How would you interpret the presence of a star of apollo and ring of apollo on the same hand?

  22. Robert Robinson Reply

    Hello, I have what I believe is a massive apollo sigh on my right palm.

  23. Robert Robinson Reply

    I do have a picture of this apollo star it is approx one inch long, I have stars all over my palms. If you want an image I can send you an image.

    Thank you


      • Robert Robinson Reply

        I have been playing and singing for almost 18 years but have got absolutely nowhere, but I have felt that I am doing what I should. No pubs want me as they don’t want what I do and I don’t earn much busking and I am a seasoned busker.

        As I am now partially disabled through an op I only have my music. I have sent you and email with pics of both hands, I must admit that this has puzzeld me recently when I have looked at my hands.

        Kindest regards


  24. Robert Robinson Reply

    I have been playing and singing for almost 18 years but have got absolutely nowhere, but I have felt that I am doing what I should. No pubs want me as they don’t want what I do and I don’t earn much busking and I am a seasoned busker.

    As I am now partially disabled through an op I only have my music.

  25. Hannah Reply

    Hi! I have one on my left hand, but the one on my right hand is distorted. What does this mean? I have always had a lot of attention and people drawn to me, even when being silent and trying to blend in. The spotlight follows me

  26. Indu Reply

    I have an Apollo star. I’ve had it since ever I was 16. And I have been dying to go out in the world of artists. I’ve always wanted to become an actress, way before I knew about that star or anything. But I could not escape the surroundings of my loved ones, who love me just too much let me take any chance. They want me to have a real job.But I am willing to

  27. Indu Reply

    Pursue my dream anytime sooner I could. Plus I don’t want my potential and gifts go in vain.

  28. Mia Reply

    Hi, I have a star on the right hand and many lines that go towards it. I am a young struggling actress. What do you think this means right now?

  29. gohar Ali Reply

    dear jena i hop you will be fine .i want to discus about my sun line .if you guide me it will be great for me ..i have a big star on Apollo .but there are a lot of more things like flag and fish sign .if you a time for me so i want to discus my full hand with you please guide me for positive and negative things …

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      hi Gohar, if you would like a personal consultation please pay for one. Even the really short one will help you dispel myths and start moving forward in your life.
      If you have a big start of Apollo then you need to be doing something in the spotlight. The biggest hurdle is getting over worrying what other think. Just get out there and shine and stop worrying about markers on your hand… 🙂

  30. Ratnam Reply

    Hey Jena, I have two apollo star in my left hand, one at the mid of sun line between ring finger and heart line this is bigger , and other one is smaller situated just above the heart line and just besides sun line, its lines touching sun line and its position is below than other star but both are on apolo mount.

  31. Ratnam Reply

    I don’t know how to come in spotlight, though I have lots of creativity but don’t know how to focus and come in spotlight.

  32. Mary Reply

    I have a large star on my left hand (seven clear lines but a few more aligning to make it look more like it has ten or so “spokes”. On my right hand Apollo mount there is a six pointed star that usef to be very clear but is now only moderately clear. There is a sort or a wierd tripple triangle/almost star (to theright and down) of the six pointed star, but still on the Apollo mount. Any idea as to meaning? I have quite a few other stars on various mounts and lines too.

  33. Vamshikrishna Reply

    I have a tail star on the bottom of the ring finger what does it indicates

  34. Ami Reply

    I have a star inside a fish/kite like structure on my apollo mount. Also i have triangles, trident and two sunlines on my apollo. please could you tell me what it means. I am 40 and not famous.

  35. Rajesh Reply

    Hi Jena, thanks for the article. My apollo mount has two parallel lines going upwards, the left longer line of which forms a k-symbol, like a “v” rotated 90 degrees clockwise and attached to the right of the long line. The smaller of the two lines start above the upper stroke of the “rotated v”. There is one oblique line starting from the middle of the upper stroke of the rotated-v, going towards mount of mercury. Hope you are able to imagine it the whole picture. Could you please tell what does it mean? I am trying to attach the image. Don’t know if it will be uploaded.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Rajesh, I’m not sure I can visualize this accurately. It sounds like a half formed Apollo star. Inspiration from Mercury/Hermes/communication there?

      Good luck

  36. Jantien Reply

    Hi Jena, I have many gift markers and a lots of talents that I use, but I don’t know how to use them all in best way.

    Apollo star in right Hand
    aprox 10 healer lines in both hands
    aprox 3 Neptune stars
    1 big star between venus and mars
    Super Computer head line

    My life schools are wisdom and peace.

    You see, I have a lot of fun 😉

    Sometimes I struggle a lot, what should I do?
    I live as an artist and I do also hand analyses for friends for free. But I don’t know is it my right way?

    Have you an advice for me?
    Many many thanks,

  37. Dakshin Reply

    Hi Jena
    How are you ?? Thanks for the nice article. I think I have this Star formation how can I upload my hand pic ??

  38. Ammar Reply

    Hey I found this article very informative… I need your opinion as I have three stars (Jupiter star, Saturn Star and sun star) on my palm what does that mean? your kind response is needed.

  39. Ewing Reply

    I have a fish sign, a star and a cross on apollo mount. What does it mean? Is it good or bad?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Ewing, all signs are neutral. Good or bad is simply subjective interpretation. How do you want to feel? Always ask yourself, how does this interpretation make me feel? Empowered or dis-empowered? In general Apollo mythology (the interpretation of any marker on or under the ring finger ) is about being seen or fear of showing up/being in the spotlight, being the favourite son. Apollo is also about artistry and showing up irrespective of social criticism….
      An Apollo star is about showing up in front of the public (a group of people), for example, perhaps offering seminars or group work in whatever your field of expertise or artistry is. Perhaps even fame…

  40. Saif Reply

    As recently as few months ago, a clear star sign with a line circling the left half of the star has emerged on the mount of Sun.

    Can you kindly explain how can I benefit from it?


  41. m Reply

    Hi i have 9 pointed star at my base jupiter finger. how rare 9 pointed star? 1 in 100000 people? or 1 in 1000000 people have a 9 pointed star jupiter?please answer. thanks!!

  42. Duke Reply

    I have M sign or two fishes underneath my right Apollo finger and a K sign on my Left Apollo finger. I am right-handed. What could this mean?

  43. Paris klausen Reply

    I have what seems to be a 5 point star on the bottom of my fate line and i am very curious as to what this means

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Paris, this is thought to be due to some significant event in the past that had a huge impact on the course of your life.
      Is that the case?

      • Paris klausen Reply

        Hmm not sure i dont remember my child hood too well it could be my father left me at 2 months never to be seen again

  44. Jashan Reply

    I have this Apollo star in my hand but my life is not going well I’m 19 tho

  45. Saloni Reply

    Hi i see a star like formation but not sure whether it is a star can you confirm?

  46. joyce Reply

    i have this and i also have a gift marker on jupiter mount a star

  47. Sophie Reply

    “Actually you have the most interesting & most intelligent way of explaining this. I have many star like formations all over my palm including 3 or 4 under the Apollo finger on line of sun where 2 seem to be more clear stars. Multiple lines of girdle of Venus adding more spurs but those spurs to better formed stars. I have scattered multiple wide range of interests and get bored easily doing just one thing. But I’m not famed or wealthy. Just live an isolated secluded life. Few years ago, I had very strong inner calling – a ‘need’ for action to step into spotlight. That cannot be classified as a calling alone because it was so strong & deep that felt like a ‘need’ for action to step into spot light. I did try to act upon it but living in a society where people are jealous of you just for being you or your mere existence then they try to drag you down through rumors & bad propaganda about you as a person giving rise to notoriety instead of good fame. So after a small phase of good fame coupled with notoriety spread by ill-wishers based on false, baseless notions, I decided to take up a life of anonymity because it deeply hurt me being misunderstood & being taken as I did not intend to be taken & now I’m happy to live the way I do now in anonymity. I want to have nothing to do with a more known life in this world for which I was striving until a few years ago because striving for fame felt like a ‘need’. But not anymore. I want to be a very private person like I used to be prior to that experience of ‘need’ for action to step in spotlight. I need my privacy which I value the most now.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Interesting story Sophie. Thanks so much for sharing. Still one can’t help wonder what tremendous talent you’re denying the world by worrying what a few people think.

  48. Iqra Ashraf Reply

    I have real star like structure on Apollo mount on my hand but not in my left hand?

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