Do you have yellow hands?

yellow hands and self criticism
I used to have very yellow hands a few years ago. I almost looked jaundiced.

At the time I was busy going through a separation and I was being extremely critical of myself and everyone around me.

This is exactly what yellow hands mean. It’s a sign that your inner critic is running rampant.

On the positive side yellow hands means you’re searching for wisdom.

The colour of your hands show what emotion needs to be transmuted and released.
Colours in hands come and go and can change in a flash. And where they are in the hand is key to what the emotion is about.

Sometimes while I’m sitting with a client I watch in fascination as their hands change colour while we talk.

Some thought they’re having triggers a strong emotion and the emotion shows up as colour.

We’ll be talking about yellow hands with Richard Unger. More info about this call. If you miss it there’s a replay.

Here’s a fun story from my own life about how the Inner Critic works.

Other colours in hands? Red hands, blue hands, white hands…

I’ve written more about hand color on this site. Use the search button

More information here on yellow hands and dealing with the inner ciritic:

Hope to have you with us on these calls.

May the wolf on your wall shrivel in all this harsh spotlight

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2 thoughts on “Do you have yellow hands?

  1. Sandra Schafer Reply

    Just after Richard Unger’s call on the Inner Critic and yellow hands, I had a Rapid Eye Therapy (RET) client. I originally read her hands, and she decided to do some RET with me. She came in with very yellow hands, and as it turned out she was struggling with her inner critic.
    Hands are such a great tool in my work. Knowing that she was dealing with her inner critic, I was able to assist her to begin releasing (through eye movement, blinking, breathing and other techniques) some of the harsh criticism she was experiencing.
    Sandra Schafer, Master Rapid Eye Therapist, NLP, IIHA Certified Hand Analyst

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