Earth School Topic Calls in 2012 with Richard Unger

Richard Unger has said yes to another year of topic and advanced threading calls in Earth School.
Take a look at the topics below. Some really hot topics.

The calls are always the first Tuesday of the month and practical print work (advanced threading) calls are always the second Tuesday of the month. Exceptions: January (last 2 Tuesdays), May (2nd and third) and August. (last 2 Tuesdays)

Topics as follows:

Jan 24, 2012: Building a Successful Practice
Advanced Threading: 31 January 2012

Feb 7: Procrastination (No accident that this call follows the previous one)
Advanced Threading: 14 Feb 2012

March 6: Thirty-Nine Steps (From the Big Gaping Hole to Living On Purpose)
Advanced Threading: 13 March 2012

April 3: The Desire System: An Owner’s Manual
Advanced Threading:: 10 April 2012

May 8: Hand Color and the Transmutation Process
Advanced Threading: 15 May 2012

June 5: Famous Hands
Advanced Threading: 12 June 2012

The Three Axioms of Soul Psychology

(Note: Richard want’s this to be three calls –
He has exercises on each to offer)

July 3: Experience Required
Advanced Threading:: 10

Aug 21: The Paradox Principle
Advanced Threading: Sept 28, 2012

Sept 4: The Validity of the Personality
Advanced Threading: Sept 11, 2012

Oct 2: Emotional Maturity and the Four Tasks of Psyche
Advanced Threading:: 9 Oct 2012

Nov 6: Soul Tracking: Oh so much deeper on what your heart line is saying.
Advanced Threading: Nov 13, 2012

Dec 4: Grief and Rage
Advanced threading: 11 Dec, 2012

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