Family complications: are you dreading thanksgiving and the holiday season?

“If you want to know how spiritual you’ve become – go home and visit your family!” Anon

how to survive relatives
We’re getting to that time of the year when the branches we thought we’d chopped off the family tree forever suddenly start sprouting, rooting and shooting. (Or is that a polite way of saying your relatives have arrived unannounced and are opening your best wines without being asked?)
With Thanksgiving and the holiday season just around the corner its time to start focusing on what to do about relatives and family relations.
We’ve got 2 calls on this topic coming up with Richard Unger. Today we’ll explore this topic from a problem solving perspective and next Tuesday we’ll look at detailed case scenarios.
Today’s call is for everyone dealing with family issues. Next Tuesday’s call is a specialist call for professional and amateur hand analysts.

What will we discuss today?
– What to do when you feel your family isn’t supporting you or when someone is too dominant?
– How to improve family relations by improving your relationship to yourself
– The difference between compromise and selling out
– Should you forgive your family? What to do about opening old wounds?
– How can your hands help you survive family gatherings in the coming holiday season?

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Hand analysis tip:

Is your thinking heavily influenced by your original family?
Take a look at how connected your head line is to your lifeline.
Your head line shows your thinking style, your lifeline is your family line.

Is there a gap between the two showing independence of thought?
Or are these two lines connected far more than average as in the image below?
head line lifeline joined long palm marker
(Usually these 2 lines are joined for about a centimeter before parting and going their different ways.
More than this shows a dependence on family and a conformity to the values and thinking of your original family.
To find out more about this and what to do to survive family, don’t miss this call.

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