Change your level and change everything

I like to use the imagery of a diver descending deeper and deeper in the ocean
to explain how we can change everything going on in our lives, and in the world, by shifting your level of consciousness (your field of frequency).

November, Friday 13th, I gave a 5 minute talking at Ignite Zurich to explain how this works.
At the same moment, while this event was taking place, not very far away, Paris was under attack!

I had planned to create a longer version of this talk and post it here, but instead I have been exploring what each of us can do to help heal the pain in the world, based on these principles.

You can read my notes and related articles I published here in response to the Paris attack.
Pain in the world – how you can help
as well as what this has to do with how to shift levels of consciousness individually and collectively. (Thinking like a diver)
The above notes explain the core principles behind this talk and why it is so important that we each work on ourselves now more than ever if we would like to see radical change in the world.

How do your fingerprints fit in to the larger scheme of things?
They reveal what makes you feel expanded and also what makes you feel contracted.
(Your life purpose = what your life looks like in your most expanded state; who you are becoming
Your life lesson = what your life looks like in your most contracted state (in this metaphor, how you feel at the bottom of the ocean or any deep dark place).
Knowing this enables self mastery.

The Ignite talk (only 5 minutes per speaker allowed) was a bit of a deep dive for me, particularly in the beginning, because the slides were on autoplay and moving fast. No time to explain them all, so I’d like to explain here, in more detail, each step and how to do this in your own life.

Funnily, all the terrible mistakes I made in this talk serve crucial points.
For example, I thought I left out a slide (rule 2) but actually demonstrated it instead.
I literally demonstrated what happens when you ignore this rule! 🙂
Rule number 2: breathe continuously. In diving, all the worst accidents happen when you hold your breath. Same in real life. When we focus on our breath we are fully present. Then we can re-connect with the world around us.

To think “like a diver” in your own life
just remember the acronym GPS
For more advanced divers, remember GPS 123 STOP (feeding the monster!) 🙂

GPS (How to shift from contracted to expanded)
G = Gratitude
P = Pattern recognition
S = Self compassion
These are all key ways to shift from a contracted to a more expansive state.

We are playing a kind of duality game, where pure light gets more and more disguised or compressed, like oxygen gets compressed when you dive.
One – at some level we are one (non duality)
Two – there are phases in life (unaware of the game/aware)
(We need to be unaware in order to gain experience/have many deep dives).
Three – we experience 3 different realities based on how we react to anything that happens to us:
– we blame others for giving us a deep dive (we feel like a victim)
– we judge ourselves for making the same mistake (judge)
– we are able to see the pattern with compassion; without creating a story about it (witness)

Stop is an acronym to remember how to get your energy/chi back when you find yourself at the bottom of the ocean.
The stories we tell ourselves are the real monsters of the dark. They come alive and get bigger the more we feed them.
How to stop giving your life force away to a reality you don’t like or want?

S = Surrender to the feeling (feel the feeling without the story. Non judgement of whether the feeling is good or bad. Locate it and simply feel it until the heat is released. (at most a few minutes))
T = Tank up. Put your energy (chi) into your own scuba tank/ body instead of feeding it to a monster (breathing your life force into bringing alive a story).
O = Opposites apply. Your life looks opposite of how it should be the deeper you descend.
P = Present with Pressure = your fuel (the pressure is your fuel to reach the next level but only if you don’t give it away to the level you are currently on.) we become Present when we sit with the pressure without breathing life into that level by believing stories that belong to that level. We are then free to use that energy to rise to the next level.

Back to GPS:
Gratitude is like manually putting air into your life vest, you rise up gradually without realising it. Suddenly you have more clarity and can see more opportunities.

Pattern recognition
This is like pushing the button that puts air into your vest.
You see the pattern/illusion. You rise up faster.
The more you understand what governs your perceptions, the freer you are from being controlled by unconscious patterns.
Surprisingly, our trigger points are visible in your fingerprints.
What makes you feel fulfilled (more expansive) = traditionally called your “life purpose”
What triggers or contracts you is also visible = traditionally called your “life lesson”
This is great news!

The 3 rules of diving
1. never dive alone (you live longer and it is more fun, you are able to create a “field”)
2. Breathe continuously (most accidents happen due to holding your breath or forgetting to breathe. ie. when we forget to be fully present. When we focus on our breath we are present.
3. you control the depth. The only thing you can control is your frequency/level of consciousness (using GPS + STOP).

We are multidimensional beings and our fingerprints are a key to how we can shift frequency gracefully.

Here are some older posts on “Think live a diver” metaphor and how it relates to fingerprints.
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check out the notes related to how you can help globally if you would like to understand this more deeply.

To find out more about pattern recognition and your own personal “GPS” have your fingerprints analyzed online by me.Click here for more info.

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