Hand analysis print work call with Richard Unger

A few weeks ago had our very first online threading call
with Richard Unger. This was a follow up call to the
monthly topic call for January on the “Don’t know what you want” theme.
how to read a palm class
There’s simply no better way to learn about hands than to
explore the complexities of a real hand with Richard,
who has analysed well over 50 000 pairs of hands personally, excluding decades
of looking at hands in private supervision with students.

Here are the hand prints we discussed during the call:

During the call, Richard showed the importance of context
for any palm marker: how each hand marker can’t be seen in isolation
but rather needs to be seen against a backdrop of other markers
in the hand.

Sometimes a marker indicates a debilitating condition in one hand
but not so in another hand with a different combination of other
markers. For example, it might serve as a positive counterbalance
for other strong characteristics in the hand.

What markers did we discuss?

Star of intention,
Jupiter star,
Desire pollution,
The floating x,
Pluto line,
The positive side to Nice Garden Syndrome,
Jupiter mate selector,
Tented arches and school of wisdom,
Arch in moon,
Drooping moon,
and Love at first sight,

If you’d like to hear an excerpt of this call scroll down to my last post of
“Love at first sight”.

If you’d like to join us for these monthly classes you can subscribe here. The next topic call is this coming Thursday and the follow up print work call a week later.

The monthly topic call is only $37 and the follow up threading call is only $19 per month which is really generous.
Usually students pay hundreds of dollars an hour to do private supervision similar to what we are doing for a fraction of the price
in a group call.

To get this call and other previous calls in the series click here.

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