hand analysis tip: curvy equals emotional

In the language of hands, curvy = emotional.

A curvy heart line means an emotional communication style.
A curvy headline means an emotional thinking style.
A curvy attack line means lots of emotion has been invested in whatever limiting thought the marker indicates.
A curvy thumb shape means your will is governed by emotion.

How does this help you?

Knowing this stuff helps you to be more conscious and make more conscious decisions.
This is how one flips the switch between heaven and hell.

Heaven is when the lights are on, hell is when one is stumbling around bumping into painful experiences, or treading on other people’s toes unwittingly and getting whacked as a consequence.

Here’s an example:
If you have a curvy head line this indicates a subjective thinking style. The more curved this (or any) line gets the more emotion involved.

But what does this actually mean?

As with everything related to hands, there’s always a positive and a negative side.
On the positive side, having a subjective brain means you’ll be more empathetic, you can see the other side so you’ll give the other person the benefit of the doubt, maybe even if they’re busy robbing your house!

The negative side?
Having a subjective brain means you have a tendency to always take things personally, even when whatever is going on has nothing to do with you.

Here’s an example:

The man’s frowning because he’s hungry. He’s thinking, “Where can I get some Pizza?”
His wife notices his frown and interprets it subjectively:
“He think he should never have married me! I’ve ruined his life!”

Do you do this?

So, how to flip the switch?

Try not to take anything that anyone else says or does personally. Easier said than done, but the key is to watch yourself in process. When you start getting upset about anything stop a moment. Ask yourself is this really true? How can I be sure? How does this thought make me feel? How would I feel without this thought? Then turn the thought around. Where’s the mirror? In what way am I doing this to myself?

These 4 questions come from “the work” of Byron Katie – ‘Loving what is’.
A powerful way to flip the switch from hell back to heaven.
Download a “judge your neighbor” worksheet from her site and try it for yourself.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

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