How to make hand prints for future generations

lipstick handprintLife passes quickly. You never know how long each of us has. I recommend you record hand prints of yourself and all your family members over the holiday season, or whenever you next get together. Store these records somewhere safe. They could be valuable one day, especially to future generations. I really wish I had hand prints of my grand parents, great grandparents and ancestral lineage…Each hand print is like a poem about the person, the oldest literature in the world, with lots of possible interpretations, providing great insight into family patterns and motivations.

Your hand prints shows the wiring of your brain and your many personality archetypes. Your fingerprints are energetic imprints, revealing even deeper core drives and motivations.

How to record prints for future generations

You can make hand and fingerprints of friends and family very inexpensively using lipstick or boot polish. If you live in a hot country, put the lipstick in the fridge for half an hour before using. For better results use artist’s block ink and a roller or professional forensic ink sheets.
This is a good way to record hand shape and finger length which reveals personality characteristics such as temperament. For fingerprints (life purpose) its easiest to take photographs.

Photographing fingerprints for future generations

hand analysis, how to read a palmMake perfectly in focus images of fingerprints using your smartphone. Take a photograph of each hand in direct sunlight. If the fingerprints are hard to see (generally they are on older women), then rub a tiny bit of lipstick on the fingertips to accentuate the dermatoglyphics. Also take a close up of all four fingers held together with the fingerprints in focus. Then do the thumbs separately. Check to make sure that all the images are in sharp focus.

To record your personality characteristics (hand shape and line formations), you will also need to make a hand print (not just a photograph) so that you can accurately record the shape of your hand and also relative finger lengths. Photographs cannot accurately record relative finger length because they give differing results with every change in the angle from which the shot was taken.

Put the person’s name and birth date on each hand print as well as the date the prints were made.
If you would like to store your hand prints in a paper or digital archive please contact me. Or store them at home and leave a note in your will saying your hand prints should be sent to me rather than thrown out.

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  1. Ron Reply

    Hello Jenna,
    do you analyze hands from afar? If so what is your protocol and your fee. I am in Canada I would like to try this as I am on my own spiritual journey. Thank you

  2. kshitija Reply

    I wish I could take my grandparents fingerprints.. I would have if i had gone through this article earlier.. thanks for sharing this though 🙂

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