Interview with Dr Judith Kravitz on breath as cure for depression starts soon

The call with Judith Kravitz on breath as a cure to depression
starts soon.

I’m holding my breath in anticipation!
Time; 11am US Eastern,  5pm Swiss/Central Europe
other areas

Here’s the link:

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Please type your questions for Judith into the box provided
on the webcast page.

The replay will be available immediately after the call
on the same page.

How about yesterday’s call?

The call yesterday with Richard Unger was sensational.
Even highly experienced master hand analysts told me
how blown away they were by how much they learnt.

Richard discussed several different forms of depression,
how the different types show up in hands and how knowing
what type you have helps you find the way out.

You can access the replay in Earth School for the next few

weeks, including Richard’s comprehensive notes on this topic.

See you soon on the call with Judith.

For once, heavy breathing allowed!
: ))

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