Is your reputation in danger? Or is it fear of rotten tomatoes?

According to Richard Unger, virtually every marker under the ring finger (Apollo) has something to do with reputation fears or what he playfully calls “tomato fear”. For example, a doubling of the heart line under this finger (see blue line marked below).
Or more commonly, attack lines running diagonally from the Mars (God of war/fighter) area of the hand across to anything that’s under attack. In this case, the heart line under the Apollo finger. (see red lines below).

When these lines appear it’s important to look at the exact place where the line ends as this indicates precisely what is under attack.
Perhaps what’s under attack it is a talent line, indicating that the person has a tremendous talent that’s currently on ice due to fear of what others might think or say if it were lived more fully.
Even the Apollo star (a rare gift marker) is made up of 2 parts tomato fear.

The challenge?
To use this fear to achieve excellence rather than to stop oneself entirely.
The trick is to realize the illusion. The real tragedy is this: the tomatoes that stop us in our tracks (and put dazzling careers into mothballs while still just a twinkling in their owner’s eye) are mostly imagined rather than the real thing.
Most people sitting in rockers today, looking back on their lives, wish that they had worried less about what other people thought when it really mattered. They mostly regret what they didn’t do, rather than the opposite.
Feel the fear and do it an way. Your hands can help you find the courage.
You have three different sources of support

– your real friends – seek out a group of supportive friends who encourage you to step beyond your comfort zone
– your personality strengths (your inner allies) – get them working together rather than against each other.
– your “great friend” or higher self. That which calls you to become all you can be. (This is visible in your fingerprints.)

But what if this is an even deeper need to hide, with roots beyond mere family or society?
This is what we’ll be discussing today during our monthly topic call with Richard Unger – right Apollo life lesson.
we’ll be exploring how to uncover another layer of the great friend, your exalted life lesson.
More about this call here.

10 thoughts on “Is your reputation in danger? Or is it fear of rotten tomatoes?

  1. Anuradha Reply

    Love this one! I totally have these fears and I’m hoping by facing them, these lines will start to disappear. Thanks Jena for another fabulous article.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Thanks Anuradha! That’s exactly the right approach. What we face shrinks.
      The lines may or may not disappear – if the don’t think of them as a memory, a gentle reminder from the past to keep showing up and being all you can be.

  2. Rey Reply

    Hi Jena, I believe it is this fear of failure which has kept amazing talents from displaying them. And yes you need a support system. I feel if you have the right people around you who will support you in times of need, your fear will cease to haunt you. Moreover, you must learn to support your own dreams rather than depending on others for support.

  3. Jack Reply

    More often than not, we lack motivation to reach our goals. We have all it takes to achieve our goals, but something small yet strong holds us back. In these crucial times, it is a slight push that we need.

  4. mark seltman Reply

    Fear of what others think is much more likely the more the headline and lifeline are connected at the beginning. Widely disconnected head and life lines tend to not care what others think, especially with long index fingers and long straight pinkies – no matter what is going on under Apollo.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Thanks for your comment Mark. Here’s a post on joined and disconnected head lines.
      Good points – but what we are talking about above are attack lines coming from the Mars (warrior god in mythology) region that go to whatever is under attack.
      Marked in red above. In this case, ending under the Apollo/ring finger.

  5. Magda van Dijk-Rijneke Reply

    I have found you article, very interesting it also a good insight. For me is the new diagonal line above the Heartline an Inspiration line that makes possible to finish his proposal. An attack line can also give a push with energy. An attack line can give a lot of power of energy, to realize his talents.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Magda, just seeing your comment when I came to answer Gary’s. I like your interpretation for lines at this angle above the middle half of this zone, for example, the one spur making up the Apollo star, that looks like it is coming from the Mercury /Hermes finger (inspirational communication).

  6. Gary Reply

    I like to say, what others think of me is none of my business….

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Gary, yes agreed. I try to do the same but there are always invisible threads underground below our conscious mind…

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