Love and connection as a life purpose

love and connection as purposeA few months ago, a woman her late 80s came to see me to find out what her life purpose was. Let’s call her Sarah. Sarah had recently lost her life long partner and felt her life no longer had meaning. She wanted to know what she could still offer the world. What was her life purpose?

Sarah had lots of loops in her fingerprint patterns which indicated that a large part of her purpose was simply love and connection. She needed to reach out and connect to other people daily but she was living alone and was often depressed. Also, according to her fingerprints, the artist/being in the spotlight was part of her highest fulfillment point. Plus, she had a Pluto line which indicates an ability to turn other people’s lives around for the better. I suggested she get out more and connect with friends and also that she write her life story as this could help many people. The problem was, her age made it difficult for her to get out on a daily basis to fulfill her strong need to connect with others. (She has a big sweeping heart line of the nurturer type.)

Recently I met her again and I was heartened to learn that a friend had suggested she take in a young tenant, a student from a nearby university who needed accommodation. She did and it has made all the difference. Each morning they eat breakfast together and then he goes off for the rest of the day while she settles down to write or go about her business. Just having someone in her life to connect with each morning and care about has given her life meaning again.

What a beautiful expression of the principle, “Whatever it is you want, give it to others.” To be the source of whatever it is we think we need.

The point is, our life purpose does not need to be some grand scheme to change the world. That’s not for us to worry about anyway. Just as the flutter of a butterfly’s wings that can cause a hurricane on the other side of the planet, the world is totally transformed with each tiny choice we make, in ways that we could never imagine in our wildest dreams. By reaching out and helping one other person, Sarah totally transformed the quality her own life, and we will never know the exponential impact of her reaching out on all the lives of all the people her young tenant will one day touch…

I just thought I would share this simple story with you, in case you ever come across someone in a similar predicament. It is never too late to find and live your life purpose. And you never know the ramifications of one small act of reaching out.

If you have a compulsion to do something huge and significant just remember that you are already doing this, without you even realizing your own impact. Just a smile to a stranger at the right moment could be all it takes to stop someone committing suicide. It doesn’t even need a smile. Just eye contact is enough, as writer/film director of the Matrix trilogy, Lana Wachowski said about the old man who saved her life once. ‘I don’t know why he wouldn’t look away. All I know is that because he didn’t, I am still here.’ Just think, had that “insignificant” old man not had the courage to make eye contact, the world would be missing not only Wachowki but several of his really important films.

Here is another wonderful story, this time from China, demonstrating the butterfly effect in action.

Reaching out in seemingly small ways makes a huge difference in the life of at least one other person. Everything is connected and yes, you do have a unique contribution to make, but it is mainly by being fully present to those around you, and by simply being yourself.

Living your life purpose is within the reach of everyone. It is not only for the privileged few.

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Coincidentally, if all your fingerprints are loop patterns this is called “The Butterfly.” Just think about that
– one flower at a time. 😉
loop fingerprint
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