A love letter to you

On Friday I analysed the hands of a gifted healer in Norway. The hand prints she sent to me had perfect little heart on one hand, right on the heartline. What a beautiful gift for me to share with you- Happy Valentine’s day.

love in the palm of your hands
Getting to the heart of what's going on on your life

This little symbol is a small reminder of what is at the heart of
all our lives: Loving ourselves fully and each other.

But how does your love life show up in your hands?

Here are some action tips :

Look at your own heart line right now.
That’s the main line just under the fingers (where the heart is
on the image above).
Is this line smooth or is it chained, double, triple and full of

This line shows the extent to which you torture yourself with
A smooth line is like a calm river. A chained, bubbly line is
like river rafting down a wild canyon of turbulent emotions.

On the call with Richard Moss last week we discussed the
difference between feelings and emotions.
Feelings, even dark ones, are normal. Like weather, they come and go
and need to be faced fully rather than run away from.
He calls this “radical aliveness”.

Emotions on the other hand, are created by thoughts and are self
These are the stories we keep telling ourselves that unsettle us,
poison our mood and drag us under.

The good news is we can free ourselves from these stories simply
by labeling them and then bringing ourselves back into the present
through breath.
Whenever we are conscious of our breathing we are present.

Moss also teaches something called Sacred Attention and exquisite

We give our attention to another and then become aware of ourselves
giving our attention and try to open ourselves into this,
like a lover to whatever we are experiencing and embrace it.
Quite a radical idea if you’re facing a monster!

So, my Valentine’s wish for you:
May you open like a lover to life and all it offers you.
May you be present with everyone you meet.
May your heart stay open.
May you love and be loved.

“Who loves, loves love, and loving love forms a circle so complete, there is no end to love. ” Saint Bernard.

This is what hand analysis is all about. Loving yourself and others.
It’s about being present for another fully. And empowering them to see themselves fully in all their depth and beauty and feel deeply seen validated.
You can expereince this through a consultation or, if you’d like to learn to do this yourself, join us forfoundational classes online or keep coming back here to learn the basics through this blog.

Thanks for being here.

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