Mindfulness at your fingertips

How can you use your fingerprints as a mindfulness tool?
Your fingerprints are your unique blueprint for mindfulness
because they reveal what governs your emotions:
What makes you feel fulfilled. And what shuts you down.

The process we are all engaged in is energy management and realising that the source is within.
You shift your reality by consciously being source and observing yourself and others as simply running an amnesia program that enables each of us to step down our energy from boundlessness in order to play in a unique way. Your fingerprints allow you to see the program in process. Simply observing this enables a massive shift in consciousness. 

The energy management map in your fingerprints

The white areas show how you feel when you shine
The black areas show how you feel when you are not shining
yin yang life purpose
You can use the charts below without knowing your fingerprints.
Look for what makes you feel fulfilled in the top chart. Then look at the corresponding chart below to see what the opposite pole is.
Or look at the second chart for what shuts you down. Then look at the chart above it, for the opposite (in this case, the positive pole).
Feel self compassion for wherever you are right now. There is no right or wrong state. Just on or off. Then focus on the corresponding positive pole. This is who you are when you are when you are really shining.

In hand analysis speak:

white = life purpose + exalted life lesson + positive school
black = life lesson + life purpose inverse + negative school

These values can be found through fingerprint analysis using the LifePrints system developed by Richard Unger.

How do you calculate the inverse values of your fingerprints?
To calculate your exalted life lesson look at the positive values instead of the negative ones.
(Imagine that your lowest ranked fingerprints are your highest)
To calculate your life purpose inverse look at the negative values corresponding to your purpose.
What you focus on expands. So focus on the light areas rather than the dark.
life purpose inverse and exalted life lesson
(if you don’t yet know your fingerprint values, you can work them out using the free report at the top of this page (in the right sidebar)
To learn how to work with this in depth take a course here
Or watch out for forthcoming pro courses in various parts of the world – perhaps near you.

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