On re-dreaming your life: Eyjafjallajokull

I’m in the pooh again. Along with everyone else living in rural Switerland.


The  farmers have come out of hibernation and are spraying the stuff at us from all angles. Even though, only the other day, we were all given heaps of high quality fertilizer from Iceland. Absolutely free, without even lifting a finger.

I think its called obligatory abundance.

Actually they let the cows back out to play on the same day aeroplanes were allowed back in the skies above. So, after 6 glorious days of silence, suddenly the sounds we normally take for granted all arrived back on our doorstep in one jangled tangle.

To tune you in to my wavelength,  I’ve made a recording for you. (See link on my previous post). Download it absolutely free and play it on your ipod or in your car so you can tune in to the pristine energies of the Swiss Alps.     (A word of warning: Listen to it at your own risk! : )) You might start thinking like me!)

And run out into the street naked, like Archimedes, shouting ‘Eyjafjallajokull. Eyjafjallajokull.’

So what does Eyjafjallajokull have to do with re-dreaming your life?

And what does it mean anyway?

Lava fountain within the crater of Volcan Vill...
Eyjafjallajokull means no man is an island

It sounds a bit like ‘Eye-a-all-full-a-your-coal’

and that’s basically what it means.

Eyjafjallajokull is a wakeup call from Mother nature.

Not a war cry but a tiny burp. A polite hiccup. Just enough to shatter our rose-tinted illusions.

Of what?

Our illusion that we are separate islands.

Our illusion that we are in control

Our illusion of permanence. that things will and ought to stay the same.

Our illusion that we are not of this world or in it.

Eyjafjallajokull means embrace the paradox:

We are separate and one at the same time.

We’re in charge and we’re not.

Change is what this planet is all about.

Expect the unexpected.

Earth is evolving and taking us with her.

We’re becoming more sensitive to our connectedness.

Our thoughts influence our emotions and our emotions influence the entire collective field.

It’s your and my responsibility not to contaminate the collective field.

Or as Richard Moss puts it: “The most basic form of service you can do is take responsibility for your own mind.”

That may sound very well in theory but how about some practical tools?

How do we deal with negative feelings?

Here’s some of the best advice offered:

1. Guy Finely: Just don’t go there!

2. Use EFT tapping

3. USe Byron katie’s 4 questions.

4. Use Gratitude as a simple and effective tool. Richard Moss: Every negative thought (jealousy, anger, aggression, fear) is a measure of our distance away from the present. Gratitude is a way of coming back into now. Feel gratitude even though you don’t know why. Moss says, we can’t escape feeling fear and we’re not meant to. But we can choose not to make fear-driven choices.

5. Here’s a practicle from David Richo called “the two handed practice”:

“I can hold my fear in one hand and my commitment to no longer act in a fear-based way in the other”. Actually you can use this technique in any conflicting situation. Holding cupped hands out, palms upward. I hold my problem in the one hand and my power to work with it in the other. I hold my unloved situation and all the pain of it in the one hand and breathe into it and in the other my ability to rise above it.

You can do this with any marker in your hand. The positive and negative sides of what I call your inner friends. You hold the light side in one hand and the shadow in the other. Knowing you can always choose.

(Zen master Genpo Roshi uses a similar technique. Acknowledging and then synthesizing opposites. So does my hand analysis teacher, Richard Unger, which he calls the Goldilocks principle: Too much, too little , just right.

The” just right” state of any quality is what I call an “Inner Friend”. The too much or too little states ar your inner enemies.

Eyjafjallajokull Fall out

Feeling dizzing, confused, sleepless?

If you’re highly sensitive you’ll be feeling the ramifications of mother nature’s upset tummy long before everyone else. You might want to read Tom Kenyon’s message on this plus access to his new sound track for bringing you in tune with the future. http://tomkenyon.com/evolutionary-opportunities-within-the-chaotic-node It’s a wonderful recording. Sounds a bit like whales humping volcanoes or vice versa. I’m listening to it as I write to you. I find it really helps me concentrate!

Online news?

I’m starting a new series of interviews and classes next week. Bringing you wisdom from teachers I really admire. Watch your mail box for more info.

Swiss news:

Kenyon will be giving a one day workshp in Switzerland next weekend in Aadorf (8 May). Contact Thomas th.landolt@bluewin.ch for more info.

15 May 2010. Join my monthly mastermind in Zurich to connect with others, get help and practical tools on re-dreaming your life. Predigergasse 19. This month we’ll focus on designing our own daily practice.

22/23 May Afropfingsten. I have a table. Come let your hair down and escape Switzerland for a few hours

25 May. hand analysis in Aarau. To book, contact Laurene Schaerer on 062 824 2221 or laurene@europe.com.

29 May. Short readings in Shanti bookstore. Winterthur. Contact Silvo on 052 202 57 00 or just arrive if you don’t mind waiting. It’s the 9th birhtday of Shanti so there’ll be lots of other activities.

12/13 June. Join me for a 2 day hand analysis intensive. On the first day I teach you as much as possible about how to read hands. On the second day we apply this information to your own life. You’ll learn practical survival tools to be on a spiritual path and in a close relationship/family at the same time based on the wisdom in your hands.

For more info, contact me directly.

Wishing you a relaxing Sunday, full of deep connection hopefully without an Eyjafjalla-someone-else’s-fallout !

; )

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