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I’ve just received Kay Packard’s new hand analysis book “Your Life is in your hands” in the post and I’m delighted. This is the book we have all been waiting for. The very first basic hand analysis book on the market from the Richard Unger lineage, written in English for a broader audience. Kay’s thinking is not pure Unger/IIHA. She has also been significantly influenced by Venon Mahabal. Further, Kay adds her own deep spiritual wisdom to this well written work.

Kay’s book will play a significant role in healing a lot of misconceptions out there due to what was written by palmists of yesterday, and about hand reading in general.

Kay Packard

Such as?

The meaning of life lines, the myth re life lines and longevity.
Breaks in the life line and how to interpret them.
The meaning of Simian lines, heart lines, head lines, vertical lines.
The book breaks the spell of fear and dread cast upon people who believe they are doomed due to a marker in their hands.
Kay explains how every marker has both a positive and a negative aspects and you can use both to unlock your potential and improve your life.
The book includes sections on hand shape and mythological archetypes.
This is a self help book but it is also a “must have” for any serious hand analyst, hand reader or palm reader.
I particularly like her chapter on reading hands mindfully.

I wholeheartedly endorse Kay’s book.
Get your copy here and use it to build a better life.

The German speaking world were fortunate enough to get Alice Funk’s Handanalyse in 2006. Kay’s book represents a significant milestone for the English world, just as much as Alice’s book was for the Germanic world nearly a decade ago.

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