The art of hand analysis

Kandindky Composition VII (spirit vs matter in art)

Recently I went to see Wassily Kandinsky and Franz Marc’s Blaue Ritter (Blue Rider) exhibition at the the Fondation Beyeler in Basel, Switzerland. Kandisky’s power to arouse emotion through abstract art has always fascinated me. This picture alongside, Composition VII, fills me with so much emotion when Click here to read more …

Recommended hand analysis book

I’ve just received Kay Packard’s new hand analysis book “Your Life is in your hands” in the post and I’m delighted.

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Is your girlfriend a Red Queen?

Somehow we all know someone who is this type. Is she in your bedroom? Or is “she” perhaps you? All of us have a Red Queen in us somewhere. I remember mine coming out once while visiting family. (What’s that classic saying again about if you think you’re spiritual or emotionally above everything go home Click here to read more …

Your questions answered

Have you ever tried to put an electrical plug into a wall socket in the pitch dark?

(I was trying to do this this morning.)

It’s nearly impossible. You know the holes are there. You know they line up perfectly.

But you just can’t do it without some vision.

(This is like trying to Click here to read more …

Protecting yourself in a hand reading session

In our call about burnout Richard mentioned that healers often suffer from burnout when they are not doing the right kind of healing or when they don’t know how to set clear boundaries.

He mentioned that his brother, who is a psychologist, received practical training to develop healthy boundaries with his clients whereas many alternative Click here to read more …

Interview series: First topic. Depression: Is this you and what to do.

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Just to let you know, my new interview series kicks off on 23 September 2010. The first monthly topic I’ll be exploring is depression.

How depression, sadness and despair shows up in your hands and life, and what to do. I’ll be interviewing several experts on this topic.

On 23 Click here to read more …

What do your fingerprints have to do with conscious evolution?

Fingerprints and conscious evolution

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Blog Archives on hand analysis

Access loads of useful, in-depth information about how to read your own hands using modern hand analysis.

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On re-dreaming your life. Part 1. Celebrating today

Celebration is applied gratitude and the first step in re-dreaming your life. Click here to read more …

Can hand analysis help you get what you want?

Last week’s life purpose support workshop in Aarau was a great success. We used hand analysis markers (fingerprints and personality strengths) to help people clarify life goals and put an action plan in place to take the next step.

Jena Griffiths and Laurene Schaerer Lindstrom

Learning to work with your fingerprints (life purpose, life Click here to read more …