Richard Unger’s unabridged Goldilocks principle

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Here’s a free report for you.

The unabridged version of Richard Unger’s Goldilocks principle. Download the pdf here.

Richard has just given me permission to share the full version of this key principle underlying soul psychology, the cornerstone of modern hand analysis.

At least 50 % of  the original manuscript was edited out of Richard’s book LifePrints.

What is the Goldilocks Principle?

Too much, too little, just right.


Download the unabridged version above.
Or the entire ebook Lifeprints deluxe here.


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2 thoughts on “Richard Unger’s unabridged Goldilocks principle

  1. Chloe Damore Reply

    I was Richard’s apprentice. You should check out
    my Soul Psychology.

    It’s based in healing the karmic wound. Very powerful work!!

    I invite you to experience it.

    • Jenna Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Chloe, How is your soul psychology different to Richard’s soul psychology? Whether one calls it a karmic wound or not depends on what you believe. The process stands and works independent of each individual’s personal belief system.

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