Should you stay or leave your relationship? (interview with Susie and Otto Collins)

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I’ll be interviewing relationship experts Susie and Otto Collins in a few hours inside Earth School.
The topic is should you stay or should you go in your relationship.
Susie and Otto are married partners, authors, speakers and Breakthrough Relationship Coaches, specializing in helping people create relationships filled with love, passion and connection. They are the authors of Stop Talking on Eggshells,
Magic Relationship Words,
Should I Stay or Should I go?
Relationship Trust Turnaround
No more Jealousy
The Relationship Attractor Factor
Creating Relationship Magic
Communication Magic
How to Heal a Broken Heart.
They’ve also created many self help courses and coaching workshops around these themes.

To find out what you’ll learn on the call and to get the replay free of charge here’s the link to the Earth School information page.
The call will be available inside Earth School as a free resource any time you need it in the future.

As with all interviews I do, I’m relying on you to give me lots of juicy questions to ask our guest, this time either Susie or Otto. I’ve posted some of the incoming questions on the above link to inspire you.

How do relationship issues show up in hands?

This is the Earth School theme of next month but here’s a good indicator:

An attack line to the heartline that meets the heart line at the point of intimacy. (Point on this line between the pinky and ring finger)

Here’s an example of a point of intimacy attack line (also called a divorce line):

mercury attack line palm reading marker
A divorce line

This is a stress line related to intimacy.
If you see this line in a child’s hand it means the parents are fighting and the child is stressed about this.

This line doesn’t necessarily mean you will get divorced! It just indicates stress in the zone related to partnership and intimacy. Sometimes this line appears if a person has no partnership but dearly wishes it. (Another form of partnership stress.)

If you’d like to learn more about this and other lines related to partnership and intimacy purchase the class on markers under the pinkie finger (Mercury markers) here or the one on attack lines (available on the same link).

Here is the reference page for this hand analysis class:

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