Soul Tracking – using your heart as a guide to living your life purpose

In today’s Earth School call with Richard Unger we’ll be exploring specific soul tracking exercises
using your fingerprints and heart line as a guide to living on purpose.

How this call will be different from “The 39 Steps” to living one’s purpose class?.

“We will go into more detail this time – the 39 steps gave a list of soul
tracking exercises; this time we will go into more detail on specific soul
tracking exercises, with a focus on the heart line as an example of what
is possible.”

Here’s a free report on heart line types.

Why get this call?

You’ll find this call really useful if you have had your fingerprints analyzed and know your purpose
but now want a daily system for staying on track.

It’s a must attend call for professional hand analysts. Techniques you can start applying right away with your own clients.
As in any profession, when you think there is nothing more to learn
that’s called going downhill.

Here’s what people said about our last soul tracking call:

“An absolutely brilliant call. Life changing.”
” What a great call !!! ”
“I am always so intrigued and inspired by these calls”
“This was a great call today!! I so appreciate these calls, my learning is quantum leaping!”
“My” Tuesdays are “sacred.”

Members attend here
How/why join this series.

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