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Do you have the master key to your life? Tip: It is NOT your life purpose!

Master Lock
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The key to your life is NOT your life purpose.  It is your life lesson!

This may surprise you but it is true.

You can’t have the one without the other.

The main purpose of your life is to be more conscious.

Of what?

The part of you you are here to heal.

Some people call this your core fear.

Others call it your karmic wound or your Archilles’ heel.

Richard Unger, the man who figured this all out, calls it

your ‘life lesson’.

I prefer to call it your ‘master key’.

You can also call it your ‘master switch’

or ‘main button’  on your control board.

Do you know how to push your own master button?

Are you conscious when other people push it for you?

This is the key to your life because it either

spins you up or down.

How so?

You either dump your energy as a result or you pause

a moment and say, “Wow! There it is again!

That’s my issue. Well done dear self. Congratulations for

being conscious.”

In other words, you choose to be gentle with yourself

and self supportive for wrestling with what you came here to wrestle with.

This spins you up.

Last February I dreamt up a game about this, set in ancient Rome.

I couldn’t find any partners to help get this concept off the ground.

I’ve decided I’m going to go ahead anyway, and make this space available right here.

‘Rome’ is a space for artists and writers and other free spirits who are tired of being beaten up online by greedy, time stealing, online marketers.

Basically its a transformational playground. You can get the feeling for it if you go to my old website http://handanalysisonline.com/rome.php

The doors will be open to everyone. Come back here soon to play.

If you already know what your life lesson is, try the 30 day life purpose challenge.

What’s  that?

A way to work on your life lesson by using EFT tapping.

You can also use holistic kineseology, body talk, art therapy or any other technique under the sun.

Essentially, your fingerprints are an ascention tool.

You can learn how to work with them free of charge on this site.

(Just read my post, the dangers of free stuff.

How to get round this?

Backlink, left a comment or do some other simple exchange and you’ll be fine. Continue reading

The 30 day life purpose challenge. Spain is leading the world. (EFT plus hand analysis. It works!)

Spain shoots ahead of the rest of the world in the 30 day life purpose challenge.

Here’s Erica Landfors of Spain tapping on her life lesson to unlock her life purpose.

Interrupted my hliday to post this and some essential free info. Knew I wouldn’t be able to truly rest until it went out. Now I’m free to relax.)

If you’re reading this and can give Erica advice how to turn her video
(besides turning her camera on it’s side ; ))
please post your suggestions in the comments box below.

What’s your life lesson? This is your single biggest hurdle.
The issue that keeps tripping you up.

Read other posts on the 30 day life purpose challenge
and join in.
Can you make a better video than Erica?

Post your videos below.
you could win a free handanalysis session with me.

You could also set yourself free! It works!!

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how to get rid of your inner critic

Here’s a powerful way for you to get rid of your inner critic once and for all and win a hand analysis session worth $250 at the same time.

All you have to do is be brave and have a bash. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Try EFT tapping on your inner critic or anything else that’s blocking you and you’ll be surprised what happens.

Surprisingly, what’s blocking you shows up in your fingerprints and other palm reading markers.

Here’s how you use this technique. If I can do this so can you!

Scroll down to view tapping pints.

Make a video of yourself EFT tapping on your inner critic and post it in the comments below.  At the end of the challenge I’ll select the most genuine attempt and Continue reading

How can you combine EFT with palm reading markers to help you overcome fear?

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is breakthrough healing technique  that I have recently used with great success on fingerprint markers             (life purpose/life lesson) and other key palm reading markers to help you overcome fear and other recurring themes that show up in both your life and in your hands.

Eft punkte

I’m really excited about the results we are having and how quickly people are able to shift on life theme issues.

Last Tuesday, I teamed up with New York EFT practitioner and life coach, Tomar Levine, to demonstrate the benefits of this combined approach during an online webinar.

First we ran through a simple demonstration of the EFT tapping method and then we applied it to fingerprint and palmistry information from a volunteer’s hands using the IIHA hand analysis system.

In this instance, to the LifePrints life lesson combination ‘I am worthy of love’. We also tapped for the life purpose inverseand for an attack line related to fear of what others think.

The beauty of EFT is that it is extremely simple tool that you can use on yourself or over the phone with a practitioner. Also you can learn how to use the basic system free of charge on EFT founder Gary Craig’s site, http://emofree.com .

Here are the key tapping points to use on yourself.

EFT tapping points,combining Eft and hand analysis
You can use these points to tap away virtually any condition including, life theme issues that show up during a hand analysis session.

EFT tapping points,combining Eft and hand analysis

You start by tapping on the Karate chop position of either hand while saying, “Even though I have…..I deeply and completely accept myself.”

What I find interesting is that the only time one uses the full positive phraselology is while while tapping the karate chop point which in palm reading is known to be the outer edge of “moon”, relating to the deep subconscious side of Continue reading