Do you have the master key to your life? Tip: It is NOT your life purpose!

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The key to your life is NOT your life purpose.  It is your life lesson!

This may surprise you but it is true.

You can’t have the one without the other.

The main purpose of your life is to be more conscious.

Of what?

The part of you you are here to heal.

Some people call this your core fear.

Others call it your karmic wound or your Archilles’ heel.

Richard Unger, the man who figured this all out, calls it

your ‘life lesson’.

I prefer to call it your ‘master key’.

You can also call it your ‘master switch’

or ‘main button’  on your control board.

Do you know how to push your own master button?

Are you conscious when other people push it for you?

This is the key to your life because it either

spins you up or down.

How so?

You either dump your energy as a result or you pause

a moment and say, “Wow! There it is again!

That’s my issue. Well done dear self. Congratulations for

being conscious.”

In other words, you choose to be gentle with yourself

and self supportive for wrestling with what you came here to wrestle with.

This spins you up.

Last February I dreamt up a game about this, set in ancient Rome.

I couldn’t find any partners to help get this concept off the ground.

I’ve decided I’m going to go ahead anyway, and make this space available right here.

‘Rome’ is a space for artists and writers and other free spirits who are tired of being beaten up online by greedy, time stealing, online marketers.

Basically its a transformational playground. You can get the feeling for it if you go to my old website

The doors will be open to everyone. Come back here soon to play.

If you already know what your life lesson is, try the 30 day life purpose challenge.

What’s  that?

A way to work on your life lesson by using EFT tapping.

You can also use holistic kineseology, body talk, art therapy or any other technique under the sun.

Essentially, your fingerprints are an ascention tool.

You can learn how to work with them free of charge on this site.

(Just read my post, the dangers of free stuff.

How to get round this?

Backlink, left a comment or do some other simple exchange and you’ll be fine.

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31 thoughts on “Do you have the master key to your life? Tip: It is NOT your life purpose!

  1. mark@bunn coffee makers Reply

    Yes, I have a problem with being gentle with myself and self-supporting because I do tend to beat myself up. I have to say that I definitely am conscious when other people push my buttons though 🙂

  2. Play Free Online Reply

    I found your blog by chance . but i have to say that it’s great blog very useful information and very interesting subjects just greetings and good luck
    i’m not going i will be always checking for updates.

  3. jon-jon@songs Reply

    The article shows some truth to an extent.

    but, we can not take anything like these for granted.

    I mean you can not prove this is fact. different people view things differently. some of them change their views , some of them not.

    but in my view, life is about changes.

  4. Dentist Sarasota Reply

    Very inspirational post. It is kind of a philosophy, where you will search and understand what your live really is and the lessons you have learn and self-actualize what you have learned.

  5. Paul@Custom Woodworking Reply

    I always believe that the “why?” question is the most important question that we should ask ourselves as it brings out the reason on why we do the things we do and it gives meaning to our purpose and goals.

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  7. Phill@single parent benefits Reply

    great read, alot of the things you wrote i think is about me though!! I will use your encouraging advise after reading this blogg and pop back from time to time to let you know how i am doing turning my lie in a different direction!! Thanks!

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      yes and you’ll be able to learn from him on this site starting Sept. Make sure you’re signed onto my newsletter for news.

  8. Krissy Gaub Reply

    Just like normal you’ve given several fantastic facts. Been lurking on the webpage for a while and wished to give thanks to you for spending some time to publish it.

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