How can you combine EFT with palm reading markers to help you overcome fear?

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is breakthrough healing technique  that I have recently used with great success on fingerprint markers             (life purpose/life lesson) and other key palm reading markers to help you overcome fear and other recurring themes that show up in both your life and in your hands.

Eft punkte

I’m really excited about the results we are having and how quickly people are able to shift on life theme issues.

Last Tuesday, I teamed up with New York EFT practitioner and life coach, Tomar Levine, to demonstrate the benefits of this combined approach during an online webinar.

First we ran through a simple demonstration of the EFT tapping method and then we applied it to fingerprint and palmistry information from a volunteer’s hands using the IIHA hand analysis system.

In this instance, to the LifePrints life lesson combination ‘I am worthy of love’. We also tapped for the life purpose inverseand for an attack line related to fear of what others think.

The beauty of EFT is that it is extremely simple tool that you can use on yourself or over the phone with a practitioner. Also you can learn how to use the basic system free of charge on EFT founder Gary Craig’s site, .

Here are the key tapping points to use on yourself.

EFT tapping points,combining Eft and hand analysis
You can use these points to tap away virtually any condition including, life theme issues that show up during a hand analysis session.

EFT tapping points,combining Eft and hand analysis

You start by tapping on the Karate chop position of either hand while saying, “Even though I have…..I deeply and completely accept myself.”

What I find interesting is that the only time one uses the full positive phraselology is while while tapping the karate chop point which in palm reading is known to be the outer edge of “moon”, relating to the deep subconscious side of one’s psyche .

Thereafter one uses only the “reminder phrase” on each tapping point. This is just a short version of the issue, “my____” or “this ____” or “my fear about ______”.

I used to have a problem with the idea that this was phrased in the negative but now I understand why. This is called ‘tapping the crap’. An effective way of flushing out negative emotions.

Warning: You might find yourself tempted to replace the negative phrases with positive statements on all these other tapping points. Don’t do this unless you really know what you’re doing.

As Tomar pointed out during our call, no-one really knows why this works in the negative. This runs completely counter to the principles underlying affirmations.

My own personal theory is that after putting the positive into the
subconscious mind (the KC point) each time one then uses the negative phrase it activates the rebellious inner child. The side of you that knows how infinitely powerful you are. The “you” who gobbles up your vegetables when your parents say, “We know how good vegetables are for you. Therefore we absolutely forbid you to eat any!”

Well, that’s my theory. Essentially it doesn’t really matter except that it

Here’s what people who were on the call are saying:

“Very interesting to correlate the fears with the lesson. Was perfect timing for me. I really enjoy the way you show the freedom techniques and the care you have when working with the volunteer. See you on the next call. ” Brent (Switzerland)

“What a privilege it is to be a part of this group of likeminded people, and to be guided through this/these system/s by both yourself Jena, and Tomar.

As if the hand reading wasn’t exciting enough, and now to compliment it, this most wonderful tool of EFT.

What can I say, except that I am brimming over with a rather wonderful condition known as E.H. (Excessive Happiness).

I have already down loaded the free manual which can be found on the web page, and ‘browsed’ much of what is available with great enthusiasm.

And yes, I have begun ‘Tapping’, starting with my Life Lesson and the inverse of my Life Purpose, and with other shadow situations as they spontaneously arise, and have been very interested in the process.

Just as a quick and small example; I am The Innovator, the inverse of which is a paralyzing fear rejection. By the end of the process after repeatedly going through all the nuances which for me associated to this negative quality, I found myself shifting and openly connecting to those qualities of rejection and criticism, of others, i.e., I have rejected, I have criticized etc’. For me, whether this is played out actively or passively, it is there. And I will continue to ‘Tap’.

With open hearted gratitude and thanks,

Charmaine (South Africa)

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  1. Ana Reply

    I had looked around for several blogs that would show me what your blog ultimately has. Your blog was by far the best blog for the information because of its simplicity and easy to comprehend. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Lotti Reply

    As if the hand reading wasn’t exciting enough, and now to compliment it, this most wonderful tool of EFT.

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