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Do you have a line of clairvoyance?

Uri Geller 2008 line of clairvoyance, hand analysis tipsThought you might like to Uri Geller’s incredibly strong line of clairvoyance. (If you are not sure which line this is scroll down to the marked image at the bottom of this post.)

Most people don’t have this line at all but it can grow into your hand quite rapidly.
I attended a talk by Uri a few months ago in Basel, Switzerland, thanks to Basler Psi Verein who invited him. It was good to see that, after all these years, his powers are still intact.
In case you are too young to remember, Uri played an instrumental role in helping the average man in the street start believing that they too could develop extrasensory faculties. Once, a few decades ago, while millions of people were watching him during a live TV presentation, he instructed everyone to go and get a spoon and focus on bending it with him. Shortly thereafter, the TV station lines were jammed with callers reporting in that the spoon, and in some cases all the cutlery in their homes had bent in the experiment…(it was the beginning of a startling global realization that this capacity could be awakened in everyone.)
But what does a line of clairvoyance actually mean?
We discussed this line in a recent Earthuni class with Richard Unger and he said children don’t have this line and they are also virtually never on teenager’s hands. It is a line that can grow into a person’s hands rather rapidly. When it does appear, it usually grows in later in life and relates to intuition and ones whole life being influenced by “the moon”/spirituality and deep meanings. He saw it grow into the hand of one of his students within a year. When it does appear, it is usually a very faint line or it can be made up using other lines to curve around the moon. (The “moon zone” is the bottom of the palm furthest from the thumb (which is the active, conscious will. It’s teh part of the psyche that the conscious will can’t reach).

Here’s what spiritual teacher, Thomas Huebl says about intuition: “It is a direct or spontaneous knowing out of the field of consciousness; something pops into my awareness, not bound to a chain of events or my direct sensory experience. It is an emergence in me. A free knowing and I miss the process if I am not grounded and present.”

The line of clairvoyance is a gift marker indicating an ability to access extrasensory information. It is a faculty that needs to be used and shared, to help others, otherwise the owner tends to feel stagnant or alienated. So, if you have one of these markers, take note and start using it! And, advice for the rest of us who don’t yet have this marker? If we focus on becoming more grounded and present with whatever is going on in our lives, probably we too will grow this faculty in no time at all.
What happens when you have this gift marker ( a line of clairvoyance) and also gifted healer lines?
This combination of gift markers is the hallmark of the spiritual psychologist.

If you would like more information of the line of clairvoyance you can purchase a 90 minute class on Line of Clairvoyance, here.

If you are not sure which line I was referring to, here it is, the line of clairvoyance, marked clearly in Uri’s hand.

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line of clairvoyance in Uri Geller’s hand

I once saw this line turn bright red of someone’s hand, you could see it almost glow, right across the room. Read more about this here.

Can’t say no because you feel sorry for the other person?

There ‘s a Swiss German song on the hit parade in Switzerland at the moment about a guy who wants to break up with his girlfriend but doesn’t have the heart to tell her. He thinks she might die of a broken heart…..eventually he decides its easier to just stay in the relationship.

It’s not that he feels empathy for her. In fact, quite the opposite. He wishes she were dead. He even has a hole already dug in his garden in case she actually does die. Instead he stays in the relationship to avoid the discomfort he would feel if he were to be honest with his feelings.

Do you do things for others at your own expense because you feel bad saying no?
Or because you can feel the other’s pain louder than your own?
doing things for others at your own expense because you feel bad saying no.

This is what this looks like: a fork off the heartline.
The line dips sharply downward and then crosses over the headline into the Mars zone.
D forks are found on all heart line types, not just romantic idealist types.

If you have this marker on your hands this call will help you understand the dynamics of what’s going on so that you can make conscious choices instead of putting your life on hold simply to avoid discomfort.

We’ll be discussing this marker and other similar but slightly different markers in the forthcoming call with Richard Unger on 18 November 2010. Topic Can’t say no.
Get the replay here.

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