Do you have a line of clairvoyance?

Uri Geller 2008 line of clairvoyance, hand analysis tipsThought you might like to Uri Geller’s incredibly strong line of clairvoyance. (If you are not sure which line this is scroll down to the marked image at the bottom of this post.)

Most people don’t have this line at all but it can grow into your hand quite rapidly.
I attended a talk by Uri a few months ago in Basel, Switzerland, thanks to Basler Psi Verein who invited him. It was good to see that, after all these years, his powers are still intact.
In case you are too young to remember, Uri played an instrumental role in helping the average man in the street start believing that they too could develop extrasensory faculties. Once, a few decades ago, while millions of people were watching him during a live TV presentation, he instructed everyone to go and get a spoon and focus on bending it with him. Shortly thereafter, the TV station lines were jammed with callers reporting in that the spoon, and in some cases all the cutlery in their homes had bent in the experiment…(it was the beginning of a startling global realization that this capacity could be awakened in everyone.)
But what does a line of clairvoyance actually mean?
We discussed this line in a recent Earthuni class with Richard Unger and he said children don’t have this line and they are also virtually never on teenager’s hands. It is a line that can grow into a person’s hands rather rapidly. When it does appear, it usually grows in later in life and relates to intuition and ones whole life being influenced by “the moon”/spirituality and deep meanings. He saw it grow into the hand of one of his students within a year. When it does appear, it is usually a very faint line or it can be made up using other lines to curve around the moon. (The “moon zone” is the bottom of the palm furthest from the thumb (which is the active, conscious will. It’s teh part of the psyche that the conscious will can’t reach).

Here’s what spiritual teacher, Thomas Huebl says about intuition: “It is a direct or spontaneous knowing out of the field of consciousness; something pops into my awareness, not bound to a chain of events or my direct sensory experience. It is an emergence in me. A free knowing and I miss the process if I am not grounded and present.”

The line of clairvoyance is a gift marker indicating an ability to access extrasensory information. It is a faculty that needs to be used and shared, to help others, otherwise the owner tends to feel stagnant or alienated. So, if you have one of these markers, take note and start using it! And, advice for the rest of us who don’t yet have this marker? If we focus on becoming more grounded and present with whatever is going on in our lives, probably we too will grow this faculty in no time at all.
What happens when you have this gift marker ( a line of clairvoyance) and also gifted healer lines?
This combination of gift markers is the hallmark of the spiritual psychologist.

If you would like more information of the line of clairvoyance you can purchase a 90 minute class on Line of Clairvoyance, here.

If you are not sure which line I was referring to, here it is, the line of clairvoyance, marked clearly in Uri’s hand.

scientific hand analysis classes
line of clairvoyance in Uri Geller’s hand

I once saw this line turn bright red of someone’s hand, you could see it almost glow, right across the room. Read more about this here.

To have your own hands, fingerprints and line formations analysed by me
go here.

9 thoughts on “Do you have a line of clairvoyance?

  1. Kristina Reply

    Nice post ! Thank you, Jena !
    I have the line of clairvoyance -my most significant gift marking. I don´t know when it showed up, but in my 30´s when I had my first reading, it was there. I have searcher for the deep meaning since “ever” (but I was not aware of it, I thought it was “normal” for everybody). However, around my age of 27, I felt not happy and fulfilled with the job I had to do. I needed to go to study philosophy and get some meaning, and then come back to my life. Also, in philosophy, I was not happy (it must have lied on my bad choice of supervisor who blocked me, I let myself sabotage). Slowly, I stopped understand myself with many people in my life. They left, I left. I am so happy about it today. It creates lots of loneliness. Also, this experience led into my own search, in the “occult sciences” etc. I am not sure how it will develop. What is true that knowing more about me and about the fact that I am a truth seeker + this clairvoyance line and my deep search is ok for me. I am claircognisent. There is no sensory information or any previous contact to have this information, it is true. I would call it more as a “global knowing”, about society, not always individual people. The knowing of some information is still very difficult for me to handle, to be all right with them, because so far, I had been focused on the negative information (that were present in my life, that are present globally in the society). It overwhelms me (even though I watch, read no news etc). I try to focus on nature.
    I am not sure how to use this gift markings. I have actually found no clear practical way how to use them.
    So far, I use to trust it more when I feel that in my not-good health situation, the health care providers will be of no help, I know it without meeting them, and I opt for not healing myself better or I start to feel that I must relocat, change the country I live in. I know which one, but all is so difficult and I am also scared that what if I am wrong (as if I have just some crazy ideas and it will cost me a forturne).

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      apologies Kristina, it has taken me a long time to reply. I came here to write a comment myself and then saw your comment ananswered.

      Think of this line as an indicator that spirituality is your main focus in life. You are permanently tuned into and “God radio or Divine radio”

      as you say, you are “… claircognisent. There is no sensory information or any previous contact to have this information…”
      If you can develop reverence for your gift, taking it seriously by creating a beautiful space in which to practice, showing up daily for your regular practice, and grow a sense of spaciousness inside you through focus on your breath, perhaps this will help you access and trust your gift. Eventually you will just know when it is right..Maybe get the books of Eileen Caddy, such as the small voice within. She was of of the founders of the Findhorn community this might help you.

  2. Eve Reply

    Well, this is great because I don’t have one and it’s confusing me as I am psychic in many ways so this is kind of making me wonder if it’s hoohar.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Eve, apologies for only replying now. I came here to write exactly about this and now see your comment.

      Read this more recent post, , where I discuss exactly the point you make here, that many very good psychics (yourself included) do not have this line at all. Trust your own gifts. With or without confirmation from your hands. It is the same with all gift markers, just because you do not have a particular line formation doesn’t mean you don’t have that gift. Also it’s important to note that the line is incorrectly named. It is not about being able to predict the future but more about channeling insight that needs to be shared.
      I watched this line “switch on” and turn bright red when Jill Purce (who has this line) was working with people in large groups. Jill doesn’t see herself as psychic, yet the line was glowing red while she was channeling information. You can read about this in the link above shared above.

      Psychic gifts tend to show up in the region of the 3rd eye (the middle region of the thumb). Sometimes as a star-like formation there or simply this region of the thumb is plumper than usual.

  3. Atalanta Pendragon Reply

    I suppose there was a reason I was brought here, as I noticed this lines forming a few years ago. I never gave it too much thought, until this year when it became much deeper and more prominent.

    I find it somewhat amusing when you mention being ruled by the moon, as for some reason it has been a constant synchronistic symbol that has practically followed me around everywhere I go over the last five years and I’m awaiting the supermoon on Nov. 14th.

    However, what’s makes me wonder is why it does not form usually earlier n life, especially for those of us who were intuitive our whole lives, even as children? Why does it seem to suddenly pop up out of no where? Is it possible that it could have something to do with stepping into ones purpose or calling as we grow? Just a thought that popped in.

    How does one overcome any reservations about how this plays out in one’s life? As in, letting go of any hesitation about actually using this gift in ways to help others? How does one find where one’s line of intuition seems to manifest, ie. mediumship vs. precog vs. forms of PK?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Dear Atalanta

      re “Why does it seem to suddenly pop up out of no where? Is it possible that it could have something to do with stepping into ones purpose or calling as we grow? Just a thought that popped in.” Trust that thought that just popped in. I agree with it.
      Re overcoming reservations, these will probably go the more you use and share your gift. But small aamounts of self doubt are always healthy.
      The last question: I have no idea. Trust your intuition on this 😉

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