The alchemy of relationship

Isn’t it interesting how at one depth your partner might look like a beautiful mermaid or a friendly dolphin. Yet at another depth, under intense pressure, the identical person suddenly turns into a deep sea monster?
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sacred partnership, alchemy of relationship, fingerprints and mindfulness, mindfulness at your fingertips, lifeprints training, conscious collaboration, hand analysis applied to relationship, love is in your hands It’s a cosmic joke really – how we seem to attract and be attracted to the one person who can really push all our buttons. Why is this? And how can, instead of ending up in a totally dark place (inside the belly of the beast?), how can we play the game with love and support instead of getting eaten alive?
Last night Tomar Levine and I completed the final chapter of our new “mindfulness at your fingertips” course. The focus of the 9th call in this series was on sacred partnership. Seeing the game and embracing the collaboration.

What did we discuss?
We discussed the alchemy of relationship – and why we need it.
We also explored how your fingerprints show your trigger points and how knowing each other’s hidden drives helps one to create a safe haven for both to do the work required. This is the real beauty of relationship; being both the vehicle and the vessel for each other’s transformation. Not just one or the other.

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Some other key points we discussed:
That happiness is an inside job.
That thought is creative and emotions breathe life into our thoughts.
We can’t change another person but we can choose a different response. Or a different story to tell ourselves about whatever is going on.
How do you choose to react? As a victim or as a judge? Or as a compassionate witness?
Compassion is the key, particularly self compassion, and seeing through the painful stories we use to keep ourselves trapped in the underworld.
And then the miracle – as we change the stories we tell ourselves (and hence, how we feel) our partner mysteriously changes too.
Why is this?
Instead of trying to fix the mirror, as we transform so does what we see reflected back to us.

Conscious collaboration is something one can learn without knowing anything about hand analysis or fingerprints. However, knowing each other’s soul agenda, including each other’s hidden drives and using this as a mindfulness tool is a shortcut that brings clarity not only to life purpose but also to why you are together and how best to support each other. To understand how this works in your own life more fully have your hands analysed here. I’m really thrilled with the feedback we have had so far from listeners. This series will help you see your partner, yourself and your relationship from a completely new perspective.
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