Think Like a Diver Part 2

Last week we explored managing your emotional body. (Part 1)
Since we’re going deep this week it’s time to tell you about your umbilical chord.

That’s the difference between Scuba and deep diving.
SCUBA = Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.
So what? Essentially it means you’re on your own.
But that’s not us. We humans are built for really deep diving. And we’re not alone.

Deep sea divers have an umbilical chord running from their masks right up to the boat on the surface.
They can talk to their team in the boat up above. And the team can change the oxygen mixture to suit your conditions and how deep you are diving.

We humans are the same. We have 24/7 support from a whole team of guides up above but sometimes we forget this. And we forget to breathe. We feel like this chord has been cut. That we are totally alone. But that is impossible.
YOU CAN NEVER BE DISCONNECTED. It just feels that way. This is enough to make anyone feel depressed or suicidal.

Step 1: Just imagine the chord and you’ll be reconnected instantly.
Step 2: Ask for help. Like a deep sea diver you are not alone. You have a whole support team up there waiting to help you.
But here’s the rub: They can’t help you unless you actually ask them!
So if you feel like these guys are sleeping at the control panels of your life – maybe they are!
Time to holler for help.

Step 3: Here’s an exercise on manually breathing more light into your pranic tube.

Imagine your spine is a hollow tube full of light. See this tube getting brighter and brighter. Imagine this tube extending up above your head and down towards the center of the Earth. Breathe in more light from both directions. Alternate breathing in energy first from above and then from below.

What has this to do with your hands?
Everything and nothing.
Your fingerprints show you how you take yourself down to a dark place. More about this here. (Part 1 of think like a diver)
The initiation process we are all engaged in is learning that you can change your reality by consciously changing your emotional response to any event. For example, though learning to manage your energy through re-framing (through self compassion and forgiveness). This enables one to shift on a vibrational level, thereby changing outcomes.
Hence the formula: Doing your sacred work (self compassion when you are in your life lesson) unlocks your life purpose.
To understand your own life from this perspective, have your hands analysed.
If you would like to learn to analyse your own fingerprints – here’s a free report