Think like a diver

Think like a diver
I like to think of us as deep sea divers. Because what we’re learning on this planet
is similar to taking a course in Scuba 101.
How so?
We live in a multi-dimensional world, much like a very deep ocean.

The levels of the ocean all exist at the same time and same place.

But you can go up or down and have a totally different experience.
Just below the surface it’s a paradise and everyone’s having lots of fun.
The deeper you go the darker it gets and the more extreme your experience.
This is where giant sea monsters lurk. Or nightmare fish with long razor teeth.

So how can you change levels?

Think like a diver.

Your emotional body is your buoyancy vest. This is what divers use to go up or down in the ocean.

It’s called a BC (Buoyancy Compensator). You put air into your BC and you rise up. Take air out
of your BC and you sink. It takes practice to learn how to manage this without shooting up and
down like a yoyo.)

What we are learning to do on this planet is the same thing; learning how to shift levels of
experience by managing our emotions.

You drop your energy and you descend into darkness. You learn to put oxygen into your emotions
(buoyancy vest) and you rise up. It’s the same ocean but a completely different experience.
Suddenly you’re up where the sun can reach. Where there is beautiful coral and lots of coloured fish
and people you love.

Does managing your emotions mean having no emotions?

Quite the opposite.

We need to feel deeply and develop our capacity to feel because this accelerates growth.

Managing your emotions means

step 1 – we become aware we can choose different emotional responses.
step 2 – actually making the choice.

So how can you put more air into your BC?

1. The easiest way is choosing to feel gratitude. Gratitude for whatever you’re experiencing
right now, even if you don’t know why.

This is like blowing just a tiny amount of air into your BC.

Usually that’s all you need to start slowly rising up higher and higher until you’re in a lighter place

where you can see more clearly and make better choices.

2. Choosing an attitude of acceptance.

Here are some quotes from Tom Kenyon on this:

“The highest expression of choice (compassion for both yourself and others) is the most resourceful
way to change your destiny.”

“Holding yourself and others in an attitude of acceptance, no matter what may be occurring in your
thoughts and feelings, sets off a resonance in consciousness, a vibrational field that may touch others

and change them. It will certainly change you.”

“The ascended attitude of acceptance and forgiveness for yourself and all other beings..allows you to
make different choices…and create different outcomes….” (page 99 The Hathor Material)

Interestingly, Kenyon is saying exactly the same thing as Richard Unger. The only difference is Unger’s
system teaches you how to systematically do this using fingerprints as a guide.

Your fingerprints describe where the buttons are on your buoyancy vest. What gives you oxygen and also
what triggers you, causing you to drop to the bottom of the ocean.

Today is thanksgiving day. A perfect day to practice gratitude and AAA (an ascended attitude of acceptance)
on yourself and all your other deep sea relatives.
(Bearing in mind, that the real monsters of the dark are the stories we tell ourselves, about ourselves or each other.)
stories we tell ourselves

To understand how this works in your own life book a consultation here.

Or learn to analyse your own fingerprints – here’s a free report
and here’s a really comprehensive online course if you would like to help others do this sacred work.
Or take an intensive course in person.

Here’s Part 2 of the diver analogy if you are in a really dark place right now.
Thanks for your presence in my life. And for being who you are.

4 thoughts on “Think like a diver

  1. Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

    Thinking of this in terms of us being limitless –
    you can’t dive at all unless you are willing to take some air out of your jacket.
    Otherwise you would just float on the surface and not be able to have any fun whatsoever.
    So, we need to take on a limiting idea of ourselves (something that drops our energy frequency) in order to play on the Earth plane. Your core illusion (false idea about yourself/your limitations) is visible in your fingerprints.
    Other more recent posts on this topic – see the binary number analogy. lack vs light:
    or this one: Transformation at your fingertips

  2. Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

    Update on this post:
    I’ve added another step to this process (explained in detail in the online course)
    Until I write a post about it, a picture is worth a thousand words 😉
    diver analogy
    Tip: Don’t feed the monster!

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      🙂 thanks for your feedback Gary

      The work is about saying “yes” to whatever feelings are arising. By feeling deeply the energy can shift.
      This is how we let go of unprocessed feelings in the family system that are passed on generation to generation.

      It may sound daunting but it isn’t. Simply remember the 90 second rule: a feeling can’t last longer than 90 Seconds unless you feed it your life force with a story..

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