Try this simple experiment yourself right now

Hold your two hands up and look at the inside of your wrists. You will see a bracelet-like wrinkle directly underneath each palm.
Put your two wrists together so you line these wrinkles up exactly. Now stretch your fingers up towards each other, with your hands together, as if in prayer. Look at where the tips of your fingers meet. Is one hand longer than the other or are they the same length? Take the shorter hand (or any of your hands if both are the same length) and hold it up palm toward you in front of your face about 30 cm (12 inches) away.
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Now say out aloud, ‘Grow longer!’
Say this firmly and with conviction 8 to 10 times.

Now line up the same wrinkles again and see which hand is bigger.

It’s astonishing isn’t it? Your hand really does grow.

That’s because your hands are energy outlets. They are highly sensitive to the energy in your body, including your thoughts and emotions.

(If you’ve been reading this and haven’t yet done this exercise, please do it now.)

Thoughts and emotions are energy. And you can change everything in your life by how you decide to channel your thoughts.
As Einstein once said: Your thoughts are a preview to your life’s forthcoming attractions.

How can hand analysis help you?

The energy running through each finger is different. Leadership, structure, creativity communication. You can see where you are strong or weak and where you are putting your focus. You can also see how different strengths hold back opposite strengths and what to do to bring out the best in yourself, your right life and all your potential.

Your Personality Strengths Finder

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde

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Success starts when you know yourself
Know yourself, then be yourself
Your hands show you how

8 thoughts on “Try this simple experiment yourself right now

  1. James Reply

    Wow! I tried it. It’s shocking to see my hands bigger after experimenting the way you said. I completely agree with you, it is possible to change any single thing in life if you have mastered channeling your thoughts. I can say this because I am huge fan of the movie “The Secrets” and I have read its novel around 4-5 times. Wonderful post, Jena!

  2. Smith Reply

    Oh yes! I tried this simple experiment and experienced exactly what you have mentioned. The change is so much visible. I am still trying to understand that how powerful are our thoughts. Well, you have given me a reason to have faith in myself and do other tasks with the same dedication.

  3. Bruce Swedal Reply

    We only need a little push. Actually yes, we can make everything possible by only giving our thoughts the right direction. I am surprised to find this experiment working seriously. My hand actually grew an extra half inch. This was wondeful to watch.

  4. Adam Reply

    I think thought controls everything. They have the ability to create your reality. My mom said once, “Your thoughts can either make you or break”. After experimenting, I completely believe now that thought power is limitless. I really feel that my hand actually grew an extra half inch. I want to believe but it’s out of my scope. I am really astounded. Honestly, I never thought even this can happen. Thanks Jena! Liked your blog a lot!

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