What can one see in hands?

This video gives you a good idea of what you can learn about yourself through your hands, and also how you can use the information to help others.

There’s a short 5 minute version and also a longer 36 minute version, that is more in depth.

5 minute version

In the longer version I had a discussion with a couple’s therapist to demonstrate how hands can be used to help couples see the depth and beauty of each other and bring more love and support into the relationship.

36 minute version

When we look at our hands for direction we are looking at two totally different maps.
This applies to both hands. On both hands we can see information about your personality or habitual thinking style
and at the same time there is also a second, deeper layer or map that can be interpreted. This is an energetic map that also runs across both hands, revealing your unique blueprint, your life purpose, visible in your fingerprints.

The personality map gives you information about:
– your temperament
– behavioral orientation or dominant behavior style
– perceptual bias
– non-negotiable needs
– emotional style
– thinking style
– potential talents or strengths
– delicious dilemmas: inner tension in the personality or conflicting strengths
– habitual or repetitive thinking that may indicate where you are stuck

This is extremely useful to know about yourself or about your partner or team mates. It helps generate more understanding, support and compassion for each other’s unique perspective and needs.

There’s also a second deeper layer beyond personality, an energetic map visible in your fingerprints (using the Lifeprints system of interpretation). Here can see your core drives: what switches you on or off. In other words, what makes you feel deeply fulfilled (your life purpose) and also the issues that need to be brought to consciousness (your “life lesson”) in order to unlock your purpose.

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