What do the lines on your palm mean?

There are hundreds, if not thousands of theories about what the lines on your hand mean, and many are contradictory. Some people claim that the lines mean nothing, but that is just one more opinion. Let’s start with the facts. What we know for sure.
One thing for sure, the fact that you are looking at your hands right now wondering what the lines could mean, means that you are not fully present. You are open to receiving someone else’s ideas about you or your life, possibly without reflecting on what that does to your mental or feeling state. And this might be a good thing or a bad thing depending on a number of factors. Such as your mental state at the time or the other person’s mental state. If you are going to trust everything everyone says then you might be better off believing that lines on the palm mean nothing.
The lines on our palms are the oldest literature in the world. And even though we have been studying these ever changing texts for thousands of years we are still not in agreement to what they mean.
I imagine our cavemen ancestors hunched over their palms thousands of years ago, just like we are today with our smartphones.
Those who hunched too long got eaten.

Here are some solid facts, not just hunches, indicating that lines on the palm do mean something. Lines sometimes change color and this seems to be linked to what the person is thinking about.

Evidence of lines on the palm turning bright red.
Last year while attending a family constellations workshop in the UK with Jill Purce I observed something extraordinary occur while Jill was working with individuals in a large group setting. I observed this during two separate events, in May and June 2017.

Jill has a line on her hand that, when activated, turns bright red. It almost glows and its colour was visible to me right across the room. However, whenever I wanted to photograph this phenomenon after the group event was over, the line was no longer red.

Interestingly, this particular line was named centuries ago by ancient palmists. They called it “a line of clairvoyance.” The problem with this name however is, many genuine clairvoyants don’t have this line at all. And, many people who do have it don’t consider themselves particularly clairvoyant. It seems to be related to intuitive capacities and there’s a fair amount of evidence that this line can grow into a person’s hand over a period of a year after lots of personal growth. The line of clairvoyance curves around a region of the palm called “the moon” which is a zone thought to be related to intuition and deep meanings. Perhaps it turns red when a certain intuitive capacity gets activated, for example, while Jill is “in the flow” of her work. However, this is just a theory that needs to be more thoroughly researched. Even if we decided to hook Jill up to a machine to measure her brainwaves while this is occurring, only Jill would be able to describe her internal reality and what she was experiencing at the time. Phenomenological research would really help; a subjective record of what Jill experiences emotionally and also her inner perceptions each time this line turns red or gets “activated”. For example, did she feel like she was receiving downloads of divine inspiration or experiencing extreme performance anxiety, or was it both or something entirely different?

family line
Here’s another example of a line turning red but on a different person and different part of the hand. This photograph was taken by a professional dancer, of her own hand, after an argument with her daughter which triggered deep abandonment issues from her past. Her lifeline turned bright red during the argument. At one point it even looked like it was bleeding. As soon as the intense emotions subsided the line went back to its usual coloring. Interestingly, the lifeline is also called the “family line.”

Not just specific lines, but also entire regions of the palm are capable of changing color due to thought and changes in emotion. We have a pretty good idea what this means but again these phenomena need to be more formally researched (both subjective experience and objective experience) and interpretations evaluated.

Can we use the lines on our hands to become more present instead of less?
On the one hand I deeply trust the system I was trained in and now teach. On the other hand, I am aware of the fact that there are literally thousands of different schools of thought about what palm creases and dermatoglyphics (fingerprints) mean and many of these theories seem contradictory or haven’t yet been translated into English. The range of perspective is vast. Some people try to predict the future, others take a more modern approach and attempt to realign personality traits with a deeper calling. Some people think these lines mean nothing at all. From my perspective, this is like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. I think palm lines are influenced by the electromagnetic field around our body and leave clues about the wiring of our brains. They seem to reveal an electric circuit that can be switched on or off. This is backed up by the known fact that the lines on a person’s hands change instantly if the person is subjected to electroshock treatment. Our fingerprints seem to have a deeply spiritual significance. They can help us become more present and aware of what triggers us or makes us feel deeply fulfilled, or more specifically, what switches us on or off; what issues cause us to feel more contracted or more expansive (a useful tool pre subtle body awareness). Richard Unger, author of LifePrints, developed a way of decoding this phenomenon over 40 years ago, and simply called it “life purpose” and “life lesson”. Many professional hand analysts use Richard Unger’s system or a variation thereof in their analysis. Even though I’ve now used this system for 15 years as a tool to help people become more present to what’s driving them and to let go of narratives rather than replace old stores with yet more stories, and even though client after client back the validity and usefulness with their letters of thanks, still I would still like to see the relationship between fingerprint pattern intensity and emotional triggers fully tested eventually. I think neuroscience will eventually confirm this relationship. This is where science and spirituality meet. It’s just a matter of time.

Image credit: Hand prints on a cave wall File ID 82785129 | © Yuliia Yurasova | Dreamstime.com

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