What gift can you bring into a marriage or partnership – just by being yourself?

Each of us has a different spark. Different roots and shoots and things that turn us on or off or make us special. A different way of shining.
And also a different way of offering love to someone we share our lives with.

What’s your special gift? The one thing you bring into a relationship without any work at all – just by being yourself?

Is it your romantic heart? Do you know how to create ambiance and make others feel special?
Or is it your sensitivity? You’re a nurturing type always tuned into your partner’s feelings.
Or your Loyalty? You’re reliable and honest and can be trusted to be there through thick and thin.
Or your vivacity? There’s never a dull moment when you’re around.

As you can see – each type has it’s own magic
Sometimes we try to hard to be something we aren’t and that’s when the wheels come off.
For example, we try to be the sensitive caring type when actually our real gift is vivacity.

So what emotional type are you?

Your hands can tell you which type you are.
If you’re not sure exactly what comes naturally to you, look at your heart line.

free hand analysis tip
Take a pen and draw a cross on your hand, like the one above drawn in red.
Draw the vertical line between your index and middle finger.
Then draw the horizontal line midway between the base of your index finger and lifeline.
You’ll have 4 areas where your heart line could end.
Where does your heart line end? (In the example above it curves up towards the middle finger).

Which line is your heart line?
One of the three main lines in your hand.
The one closest to your fingers (marked here in purple.)

Does this line curve up to the index finger? If so, your gift is sensitivity.
Does this line curve up towards the middle finger? (Like the example above.) If so, your special gift is vivacity.
Or is your heart line flat and long – ending in the bottom left grid on the image above? If so, your gift is romanticism.
Or is your heart line short and straight? If so, even though you need freedom, your gift to others is loyalty.

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  1. Marian Reply

    I am not sure how can I really be sure about this heart line. I will do it later again. I wanted to know what gift I have:) Thanks

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