What’s my life purpose?

“What’s my purpose? How can I find fulfillment?” “What’s stopping me?”
Surprising as it may seem, these questions can be answered by exploring the patterns on your fingerprints.

Your fingerprints are unique. They’re a vibrational map of who you are and what type of experiences you are likely to attract.

How can this be worked out?

If you look at your fingerprints closely you will notice that some of your fingerprints are more complex than others. Broadly speaking, your most complex fingerprints show what will make you feel fulfilled. The least complex ones show what life issues you are exploring.

The finger location is relevant because each finger has a different type of energy running though it. ( For example; index = power issues, middle finger = value issues, ring finger = visibility/creativity issues, pinkie = communication issues.) Also, there are four types of fingerprint each with a different focus.

Richard Unger, author of LifePrints, who first decoded fingerprints, calls your most complex fingerprints your “life purpose” and and your least complex ones your “life lesson”. Having a “life lesson” does not mean you have to fix yourself or that there is something wrong with you. It simply means that this is your growth point. The subject matter of your initiation process.

Initiation process?

The initiation process we are all engaged in is learning that you can change your reality by consciously changing your emotional response to any event. For example, though learning to manage your energy through re-framing (through self compassion and forgiveness). This enables one to shift vibrationally and thereby changing outcomes.
Hence the formula: Doing your sacred work (conscious awareness of your life lesson) unlocks your life purpose.

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  1. khrao Reply

    The Initiation process is really helpful
    to overcome the problems if they follow.

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