What’s your purpose from a larger perspective?
January 28, 2021 Hand Analysis

I had an interesting conversation a few days ago with two deeply thoughtful podcasters from New York, Jeremiah Glazer and Celine Foster
on the podcast “As woo woo as you want”.
How hands fit into the grander scheme of things.

What hand analysis is, and the many ways it reveals the poetry of our lives.

as woo woo as you want podcast - episode 30 You can find the episode on one of these platforms:

Or on Instagram:

It’s one interview. About an hour long.

Comment from a friend sums it up:
“Lovely to hear you converse in depth on the connectivity of palmistry and the sculpture of personality models, life journeys & patterns, spiritual healing, destiny & its new doors, universal truths, etc.”

Would love to hear your thoughts, comments or personal feedback.

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  1. Great Post with great content. Thank you, Jenny.

  2. Can we prevent an incident before it effects in our life by looking our hand can you explain this. Thanks in advance, Jenny.

  3. Asika, the line formations change according to repetitive thinking. To change your thinking pattern you need to feel deeply whatever feelings are arising rather than thinking. This is how you can do it. The way out is through. You are not a victim.

  4. Hi Jenny, the topic is interesting, I would like to know more about this. Please keep posting more updates on this topic.

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