When should you fire your mentor ?

You should fire your mentor when he or she thinks you are aiming too high.

You can’t aim too high. Most people fail because they aim far too low.

Then you don’t get fired up because you are doing something that doesn’t connect with your genius or passion. Everyone has a unique genius. You too.

You are a giant pretending to be a mouse. Deep down you know this.

You should fire your mentor when he or she doesn’t believe in you or hold the highest possible vision of you in his or her mind.

For example, if your mentor says you’re too scattered. This is totally unhelpful to you.

It will undermine your confidence and then it’ll be game over.

Your confidence or self esteem is the single most important ingredient to your success.

If you are totally scattered the upside is you’re probably also a brain storming genius. Because you’ve touched many places you can bring in unlikely or novel ideas or combine concepts in an unusual way.

The disadvantage of being scattered is lack of focus. You can’t burn a hole or move mountains on your own in this state. It will help you to focus on long term goals and then narrow the steps down to what you need to be doing today. But ultimately you need to be working in a team with others who compliment your strengths. The people who’re masters at structure and carry through. Allen Fahden writes about 4 types of workers. You need to find your dream team. Instead of hammering yourself and trying to be something you’re not.

You should also fire your mentor if they keep breaking their promises, don’t show up when agreed or if they don’t have time for you as an individual. This is to do with self care and self respect. If someone doesn’t respect themselves and their own time and needs then they usually abuse others too. So watch your mentor closely and see if they’re getting enough sleep and self care. If people over promise this is a sign they have things upside down in this department.

You should also fire your mentor if they try to turn you into a smaller version of themselves. You are you. The safest way to get around this is only choose a mentor who you absolutely would like to be like in all respects.

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16 thoughts on “When should you fire your mentor ?

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  2. durma Reply

    You fire your mentor when they stop believing in you. Pretty much exactly what you wrote about. Don’t put up with someone who doesn’t believe in you. It limits you and you won’t reach your potential.

  3. hindi sms Reply

    Great discussion. And I Actually like that you employ what you preach. That’s when you can tell a post has come unitedly.

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