Your free hand analysis class on hand gestures and ring psychology

learn to read a palm and what rings mean

Have some fun watching the people you love over the festive season and getting to know them better through the language of hands.

Here’s a holiday season gift for you:
A free class on hand gestures and ring psychology by Richard Unger.

Download it whenever you have time. There’s no rush.
Hand gestures + ring psychology

MP3 File

28 minutes, 38 seconds

Part B
24 minutes, 49 seconds
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You’ll learn what the hands reveal and how to read a palm and your friends rings and gestures using professional hand analysis techniques.

Wishing you a fun holiday period with family and friends.

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7 thoughts on “Your free hand analysis class on hand gestures and ring psychology

  1. nick Reply

    Can anyone really read and analyze your personality using the hand gestures. is that true!!

  2. lktown Reply

    Is that true that we can figure out a person’s personality from the hand gesture.
    I have no idea maybe sometimes it will fit for some people,but not fit for all the people.

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