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Have you ever tried to put an electrical plug into a wall socket in the pitch dark?

(I was trying to do this this morning.)
English: Greek Old Earthed Standard Socket Deu...

It’s nearly impossible. You know the holes are there. You know they line up perfectly.

But you just can’t do it without some vision.

(This is like trying to find your life purpose without hand analysis.)

It’s a lot easier to get things done if you can see a bit.

So, instead of leaving me fumbling around in the dark, please tell me.

What would you like me to write about or topics you’d like to see discussed this year?

Please write your ideas below and I’ll follow up on them.


17 thoughts on “Your questions answered

  1. Yen Reply

    I think the topic i would like to read is about friendship: where in the hand can we explore our friendship, or relationship in general. Are there hands that show whether a person has many friends or not at all? What is the particular sign(s)? etc. I think anything related to a person’s relationship to friends. Thanks.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Thanks Yen, that’s a good idea. You can see if people need time on their own or if they’re feeling isolated. I’ll write a post on this with some hand prints.

  2. Reggie Reply

    Hi Jena! Happy New Year!

    I’d like to hear your wisdom on the heart lines from the following, general perspective. I’ve heard only that the lines in the hands are changeable. Yet when I’ve heard the heart lines talked about, it sounds as if it’s always been that way and always will be. I’ve never heard of anyone’s heart lines changing. Have you? I’d love to hear your experience and wisdom!



    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      HI Reggie, Happy New Year.

      Heart lines can change. I’ve seen this happen over time quite a lot in children’s hands.
      I haven’t yet seen major changes in heart line type in an adult’s hands but still still changes do occur. Like a bubble forming (feeling hurt) or dangling x’s (feeling unsupported) or daggers (anger at a partner) hanging under the heart line. Or a diamond forming at the end of a line to indicate that you’re not living your type. This is going to be the topic of our call at the end of the month so good idea. I will write something about frozen heart energy.

  3. Kathy Reply

    Hi Jen,
    I agree with Reggie’s request and confusion. I sometimes see a partial line going toward the big heart or passionate, but not completely.. so I wonder are they developing that (or a “wanta be”)and will it grow longer? Have also heard that we should live according to our heart line; so if it can change…what to do?:-)

    I’d also like more on how to help people with career direction…is there a shorter way of helping them or do we have to weave the purpose and finger sections and lines all together to give them that direction along with their own thoughts? Is there a faster, more targeted way?

    Thank you much,

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Kathy,
      Thanks for your comments and suggestions. re heart lines, the lines don’t have to go right up to the fingers to be a Big heart (Donna) type or a Passionate heart (Gina) type. They simply need to cross into that quadrant. There is a type called a “Social Clint” (or social but reserved type) when the heart line curves up slightly off a Hermit (Clint) type heart line. A lot of people have 2 or more heart line types, and Richard likens this to having 2 oars. You need to use both to move forward. I’ll definitely write a post on more complex heart line types, for example the Chameleon who can adapt to whoever they are with. In the meantime, here is a free report I wrote a few years ago on heart line basics.

      Regarding career direction, this is where knowing our advanced hand shape types really helps. Purpose, and exalted life lesson (imagining that the lowest ranked prints are your highest), hand shapes including finger length (the mythological archetypes) plus gift markers all give clues. But still one can never take final responsibility away from the person whose life it is. Here ‘s a great video by Brian Johnson on how to find your mission. I’m busy writing a post about this because it’s an important point. Basically there are 3 elements: what a person loves to do, what they are good at/built for, and what the market wants. Finding where these three intersect is the key. Hands can really only give you one third of this equation. We can make suggestions, based on fingerprints/hand shape/gift markers; but a person also needs to get in touch with their own deepest desires and do market research. Watch this video as it will help you put this into perspective. Brian doesn’t know about hand analysis as an assessment tool. He uses a strengths finder which is very general but still a good exercise to also do. You can then compare this with your hand analysis personality characteristics.
      Just remember not to put too much pressure on yourself to take responsibility for decisions that are actually not yours to take. 🙂
      Hope this helps.

  4. Patti Reply

    Hi Jena, I’m also interested in mutability in hands; their shapes, colours, lines, flexibilty and other markings. The dermaglyphs don’t change and colours can change rapidly, but I’d love more info on this topic generally. A second query I have regards the profusion or lack of lines associated with different hand shape types. Am I to understand that the typical Earth person, with just a few lines, has less going on in their lives, are less complex people, etc?
    Thanks, PB

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Some good questions Patti.
      In 2008 I interviewed 4 or 5 leading hand analysts/palmists, among them Richard Unger and Birla and this topic came up. (The interviews are available inside the free auditorium of Earth School. You just have to dig a bit. Maybe search on the word Birla.) Richard told a fascinating story about a hand changing completely before his eyes, and his interpreter at the time concurred. The person was mentally handicapped and attended a group participation session with her mother who was a sergeant major type. When she first showed her hands the pattern looked like broken glass/no recognizable line formations. Richard said, “Okay, let’s all close our eyes and take a deep breath.” Because in all honesty he didn’t have a clue what he was going to be able to say about her in front of the group. And then, after he reopened his eyes, the lines had totally changed and were readable! I think it was a moment of instant healing because the person felt seen for who she really was. I discussed this event with Birla who comes from a different system but has also been reading hands for + 30 years. Birla hadn’t experienced such rapid change but he had witnessed change over time as a person developed spiritually and emotionally. This is a big part of his work, to actually get the hands to change. Or rather to work on the person and then the hands reflect the changes. Actually you can see hands as a two way system. For example, if one of your zones is weak or a finger crooked or a thumb small, you can hold that area and breathe more life force into it. A fascinating subject. Have you ever tried the demo of making your hands grow visibly? Try this demo here:

      Re Earth types. Have a look at this post:
      I wouldn’t say Earth are less complex than the other types. It is more to do with temperament. That’s why I likened the types to car types.
      So if Earth is a sturdy 4×4, you can get really basic no-frills versions and also highly sophisticated ones full of complex machinery.
      Let me know if teh post above answers your questions or if you’d like another post on this.

  5. Kelli Reply

    Skin & knuckle imprinted etchings/carvings on the palm, & back side of the hand & aura of the hand. Fascinating to say the least. Discovered w/a photo copy, so i wouldn’t have to commit all the nailbed shapes to memory. A little figure holding a half circle apeared on the relationship finger. Asked & she verified with a Shhhh! She indeed was pregnant & had told no one yet. Another gal had a fullblown puffy female figure standing sideways appear w/ a baby in belly & an initial over her head. Asked if she knew anyone w/ that initial that was pregnant. She denied it. 2 1/2 weeks later she found out her daughter with that initial was indeed expecting, knew about it but hadn’t told her yet.

    A woman in a long line in grocery store in front of me had a very clear, visible bird on her community finger. Asked her & she confirmed she volunteered at an animal shelter including working with birds (a sanctuary for them). Strange, i asked her if i could get a photo copy of her hand & she was kind enough to oblige.

    Since then have seen everything from elephants to people, platypus, angels, you name it. Never know wat may appear. Whatever is in our subconscious mind may appear etched upon the skin, & changes as our subconscious thoughts do, moving up the hand & being replaced by new. Gives new meaning to the “skin deep” saying. Intuit/ wing them as they arise. Curious, any info., or anyone else doing this?

    Love the other hand info too – lines, mounts, etc. Anything you share s always interesting & much appreciated.

    Also in an interview the most important thing to look for on a potential bosses hand before saying yes to a career (though my real job is to treat others with kindness, etc…)

  6. Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

    HI Kelli,

    Re what to look for in potential bosses. I would say make sure their index finger (Zeus/Jupiter) isn’t really short.
    And if you have a chance to look at his/her fingerprints make sure the life lesson isn’t right Jupiter.
    ie power issues.

    Regarding skin etchings – fascinating but I don’t have much experience of this at all. I guess it’s a question of noticing what you’re keeping an eye out for. A friend of mine recently reported (and photographed) her boyfriend’s name etched on her skin on 2 separate occasions. But this has nothing to do with hands. Once on her arm and the second time on her back.

    In my book everything that shows up on your hands is relevant. The other day I cut myself on exactly the finger related to whatever was going on at the time. Right Saturn = perception of one’s value out in the world. I will write a post about this as I took a photo.

  7. Kelli Reply

    Hi Jena,

    If time permits, I would like to see the thumb addressed. Why it’s folded inside the palm as infants for the most part, then seems to open up as we age (sort of like a rose bud unfolding) Was awake in bed wondering, why when we sleep does an auto-pilot seem to kick in & the thumb reverts to folding back into the palm like when we’re newborns? Noticed on a relative that crossed over, his physical body, the thumb also reverted to that foded in position. Or am I over-thinking ? Really curious to know.

    I have a question that fascinates me & would love an answer if you know. Is it true when we physically die that all the lines on the hands slowly disappear with the exception of the heart, head, & life lines? Also very curious & haven’t yet had an opportunity to view 1st hand on an infant. Are they born with only those 3 lines? Or do they arrive with more lines on the hands than that? Have always wondered, yet wanted to respect boundaries with friend’s babies.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Kelli,
      Thanks. Good idea. The thumb represents the will and your capacity to do things/take action/ change your environment/ fix things. So it makes sense that it would be folded inside the palm at the beginning of life. Have you ever watched a baby discover that they can move things with their hands? It’s fascinating. Regarding how lines change over the years. I’ll write a post about that sometime. Thanks for teh suggestion.

  8. Kelli Reply

    Thank you Jena, Aha! That makes perfect sense in all counts, newborn, sleeping, & upon our death re: the thumb position. Thank you for shedding light on that. I REALLY appreciate it.

    I had many opportunities when babysitting, unfortunately hand interp, had yet to dawn on me at the time, or to notice that. I look forward to your future posts. Thank you for sharing your gifts with all.

  9. erika Reply

    Hi, Jena,

    The person who wrote about Love Lines changing had a really good thought. The closest interpreting I’ve been able to make of my Love Lines is that I am unlikely to ever marry. So sad! I wonder how this could change?

    Also, I loved your piece a few weeks ago about “paralysis of analysis,” when you get an island at the end of your Head Line– much more optimistic than other interpretations. According to other books (like Cheiro’s), I’m going to go insane in my 70s. I would love to know some ways I can avoid this fate! I assume meditation, counseling, etc, together with healthy eating/lifestyle… But as with the previous questions, evidence of change on these lines would be a great theme.

    Thanks, Jena! Keep up the good work!


    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Erika,

      Don’t trust anything anyone says about your hands if they predict something. Particularly something bad. Your hands reflect your thoughts, emotions and psyche. Not your future experiences.
      If you want to get married then make space in your life for another person and put your thoughts on exactly the kind of person you would like

  10. Peter Reply

    I have tried inserting an electrical plug into a wall socket in dark and it plugged in properly without any hassle. I agree sometimes it’s difficult to plug-in, I never thought that this general things will be dependent on hand analysis. As far as 2013 is concerned, I would like to know whether our hand lines changes or not over time? Lines in my hand are not clear, it appears to be very light may be due to my fair complexion, how can I make out which of the lines indicate what.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Well done Peter! You obviously have a good 6th sense. 🙂
      Regarding the lines changing – yes they can and do change on both hand, particularly the finer lines.
      What do lines mean? Where are you putting your focus and energy? Neurons that fire together wire together…
      Search through several years of posts on this site or take a foundational course that’ll help you understand how lines work.

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