What does the relationship want? (Interview with Richard Moss)

Please hold my hand this Friday while I interview one of the most respected visionary thinkers of our times, Richard Moss MD. I’m deeply honoured and excited about doing this call and I’d love it if you could be there.

Why join me?

Richard holds most of the jigsaw pieces we’re looking for, especially in Click here to read more …

Come play at Expat Expo in Zürich today

If you live anywhere near Zürich come play with me today at the Expat Expo. Stand 71

On re-dreaming your life: Eyjafjallajokull

I’m in the pooh again. Along with everyone else living in rural Switerland.


The farmers have come out of hibernation and are spraying the stuff at us from all angles. Even though, only the other day, we were all given heaps of high quality fertilizer from Iceland. Absolutely free, without even lifting a finger.

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Re-dreaming your life. Part 4. Ride the tiger.

What I really love about Chinese New Year is that it gives you a valid excuse to press re-set and start the new year all over again, slap bang in the middle of February.

Did you know, today is the first day of the year of the Tiger?

Image by law_keven via Flickr

But Click here to read more …

On re-dreaming your life. Part 2. Living with joy

I’m back at my desk in Switzerland after my first real break in a long time.

My son and I had a wonderful holiday in the bushveld game tracking, river rafting and catching up with family. We also managed to get down to Cape Town for New Year and a quick swim in both oceans.

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How to build unshakeable self esteem

Self esteem is the back bone of all success in life.

But it can’t be bought – for love or money. It has to be earned.


Not by trying to please others but by being true to yourself and your word.

Think of your inner child as a real child. Are you keeping your Click here to read more …

Does your partner misunderstand you? (handanalysis workshop in Zurich)

It’s crazy how easily we misunderstand our partners and loved ones simply because we have different communication needs and styles.

Sometimes we pass each other like ships in the dark, thinking the other person doesn’t care when actually this simply isn’t true. It’s just a matter of learning your and your partner’s differences in communication Click here to read more …

Are you feeling isolated in Zurich or elsewhere?

Your hands are constantly responding to your thoughts and emotions.

This fact is extremely useful because often we aren’t in touch with our own deepest needs or feelings.

Your hands don’t lie, they simply reflect often unconscious truths.

For example, hold your hands up right now. Does your pinkie finger (also called Mercury finger in Click here to read more …

Discover your life purpose in Zürich on 4 July.

Jena Griffiths is a life purpose hand analyst based in Canton Zürich Switzerland. She uses hand analysis (non-predictive palm reading) to help you figure out the life you were meant to live and what’s stopping you from living it. Click here to read more …

When should you fire your mentor ?

You should fire your mentor when he or she thinks you are aiming too high.

You can’t aim too high. Most people fail because they aim far too low.

Then you don’t get fired up because you are doing something that doesn’t connect with your genius or passion. Everyone has a unique genius. You too.

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