On re-dreaming your life. Part 2. Living with joy

I’m back at my desk in Switzerland after my first real break in a long time.

My son and I had a wonderful holiday in the bushveld game tracking, river rafting and
catching up with family. We also managed to get down to Cape Town for New Year and
a quick swim in both oceans.

Now we’re back to minus 6 with snowflakes turning the world into a huge blank canvas as
a whole New Year stretches out at our feet, waiting to be filled with life and song.

Incredible to think that every single snowflake is unique.
Incredible too, that in the bushveld there are over 300 different types of birdsong.

Each species is beautiful and different and each has a unique role to play.
And, what I like most: each bird sings not because it has to, but because it wants to.

We humans tend to forget this simple fact.
Each of us has a unique song to offer the world.
And singing it is our greatest pleasure.

My question for you today:

What’s your song?

If you’re not sure, your joy can tell you.
Your joy is your inner guidance. Are you following it?

This sounds so easy and it can be. If it isn’t, your hands can help
you figure this out.

My wishes for you in the coming year:

May you live with joy.
May you find your voice.
And, may you be richly rewarded for sharing your song with the rest of us.

It’s my birthday today! Suddenly the sun is out covering the snow with diamonds.

I’m just back from a long walk following deer trails through the forest. Now I’m off to Zurich to paint with a friend.

To find your voice come have your hands analyzed by me.

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