Delicious Dilemmas – understanding hands with Richard Unger

“Every hand has a Delicious Dilemma. Find it and you are at the core of your reading.” - Richard Unger

Our next Earth School topic call with Richard Unger is on Delicious Dilemmas.
Understanding the competing strengths in your personality.
Tuesday February 5, 2013.
Inner Mastermind, inner conflict, competing sub-personalities
Richard says that once you find the delicious dilemma in a hand you have the key to really understanding what’s going on.
This is a perfect chance for you to climb right down into the mind of the genius behind modern hand analysis and learn to think about hands the way he does.
We’ll discuss several types of delicious dilemma. Plus what to look for and what to advise your clients.
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An example of a delicious Dilemma?
Here’s an example of the sort of thing we’ll be talking about: Long Pinkie finger (Mercury) versus a fiery (Gina) heart line type. (The heart line curves up towards the middle finger.)
The danger: Long Mercury – is aware of consequences (strategic) and short circuits Gina behavior (spontaneous, fiery, not worried about consequences.)

We’ll be discussing numerous scenarios similar to this one that you should be looking out for every time you look at a pair of hands.
This should be a fascinating call. A must for anyone who’s really serious about hands. I’m really looking forward to it.

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