Simian line – what are the advantages?

I’ve just realized that many of the people I deeply admire have a simian line. I was listening to an interview last night, Dean Graziosi speaking to Tony Robbins on confidence.
Tony described his first few months as a speaker, when he was still a teenager working for Jim Rohn. At that time, the top speaker in the company only spoke 3 times a month and Tony told him he thought he was lazy and that he would dwarf him within his first few months. Tony then set out to do just that.
How? Tony made it his goal to speak 3 times a day rather than 3 times a month. And he kept detailed notes of what worked and what didn’t. After the first month he had already had more than 2 years of equivalent experience.
After 6 months he had the equivalent of 12 years of experience and he outperformed the company’s top performer.

What has this to do with the Simian line?

People who have two major lines in their hand/s instead of three major lines have the energy of the heart and the energy of the head running in one cable. This translates into an ability to focus on a single task or subject with unstoppable drive, energy and focus.
Tony has a Simian line and his story above perfectly demonstrates this gift.

Tony’s advice?
Make a list of all the things in your life that once seemed difficult or impossible but now you have it.
How did you go from impossible to possible?

- unleash your desire/become obsessed
- take massive action
- acknowledge Grace. “Life happens for you, not to you, when you acknowledge it.” says Tony.

Tips for Simians:
Find something that really brings you alive and make that your focus.
Always double your check communications to avoid feeling misunderstood.
If you have a child with a Simian don’t see it as a problem, see it as gift.
A high percentage of Simian crease owners also have a really good multiprocessing brain. (Hal headline type)
The only way you will find this out is through dialogue.
Perhaps your child needs to be given the freedom to widely explore his or her own interests.
The Simian line gets bad press because it has been associated to Down’s syndrome. However, only a tiny percentage of Simian owners have this condition.
Simian line and downs syndrome
You can read more about this and other Simian facts here. You can also watch a video about the Simian line on the same link.
Here are some examples of famous people who have Simian lines:

Tony Robbins
Robert de Niro
Michael Moore
Tony Blair
Hillary Clinton
Neale Donald Walsch
Richard Unger

Write names of all your heroes who have simians in the comments below, or share your own experiences of extreme focus to help inspire others who have this marker. More info on this marker here

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