Do you have a Simian line?

gift marker Simian lineDo you have the gift of laser-like focus? Some of us have minds that jump all over the place, like light reflected off a disco ball. We are focused on a million different things. And the focus keeps shifting. A fortunate few may have learned the power of single-minded focus. We can hold it for a while, but not without intense discipline and training.
But every now you meet someone who seems to be a natural. They have what it takes to focus all their energies (both head and heart) on a single task and keep at it while the rest of us are getting on with other things.
If this is you, take a look at your palms. Quite likely you have two major lines on your hand instead of three. Officially this marker is called “A Simian line”.
What does it mean?
The energy of the heart and the head are sharing one cable instead of two. Positive side: tremendous focus, negative possibility: misunderstandings due to scrambled messages.
If you or your child has a Simian line my advice is DO NOT read up all the garbage posted online about this hand marker. Save yourself the effort and instead find something you are really passionate about to focus all your energy on.
The dangers for Simian types:
1. Not knowing what your passion is.
2. Feeling misunderstood
People may think you are being aloof when you think you’re being kind and considerate. This is the down side of having head and heart fused.
Save yourself from crossing swords unnecessarily by always double checking your communication – ask what the other person heard or if you interpreted them correctly.
“What did you hear me say?” or “Am I understanding you correctly. Is that what you just said?”

More on the Simian Crease – here is a video and for more information purchase a 90 Minute class click here to access

3% of people in the USA have a Simian. This percentage is much higher in Asian countries.
30% of Down Syndrome people have a Simian line, but Down syndrome people are only 1 in 700. (That’s less than 0,14% of the population.)
So the vast majority of people with a Simian crease are perfectly normal.
This image below roughly shows you how this link between Downs and the Simian line has been blown out of all proportion.
Simian line and downs syndrome

If you would like to know more about this marker you can access a 90 minute class exclusively on this topic.
I interviewed Richard Unger in depth. We discussed:
Partial or nearly Simians, double Simians, and a lot more about the characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of this marker in genreal. Plus advice to people with this marker and to parents of children with this marker.

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9 thoughts on “Do you have a Simian line?

  1. Gloria Lambert Reply

    I have the Simian crease and can understand the intensity that is spoken about. I have two totally different hand markings which have fascinated me since childhood but I have never had the courage to delve further than the odd read. I am now very interested to learn more.


  2. Raju Kuikel (Nepal) Reply

    I have simian line in my right hand. I am totally normal physically and mentally, am I down’s syndrome?


    Hello: Please guide me because I have a 2 child that both of them have simian line on there left hand. What we are going to do? How I can manage of this as a parent? The one is 11 years old and the other one is 1 years old.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Dear Marlon

      The vast majority of Simian line children are well above average in intelligence. Treat them that way.
      Practice daily gratitude for the gift of being their mother.
      They have been blessed with a mother that sees their potential and protects it
      allowing them to explore their interests
      teaching them to double check their communication, that others understand what they mean..

  4. Winslow Eliot Reply

    Marlon – I think it’s wonderful that you are blessed with children with this unusual gift marker! As parents, it can help to have insights into our children’s personalities, challenges, and gifts. For instance, yours may tend to be very focused on what they are doing. That means transitions may be challenging for them (like transitioning from supper to bed-time) so using gentle methods like rhythm and singing can be very helpful. It may be hard for them to devote themselves to what they can’t pour their heart into, so if they resist doing chores or going to school, you could try to engage their emotions by making the activity more fun or exciting.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Wonderful ideas Winslow. Put these ideas into practice Marlon and let us know how it goes. Or contact Winslow for a consultation.

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