Are you a gifted healer?

If you have four or more parallel lines under your pinkie finger, running towards your pinkie (little finger), you are what is known as a “gifted healer”.

You can see that this looks like here. Also scroll to bottom of the post for a hand print example.)
medical stigmata, gifted healer marker

Essentially, this is the mark of the personal growth consultant. It indicates psychological insight.  How this is expressed depends on other factors in your personality. 

If you have this marker it means you have the capacity to make a space for others to heal themselves. Like a catalyst, just your presence enables others to transform.

Perhaps you do this with touch, or energy work or simply by listening (being present) or by offering wisdom (when asked!). For example, someone with a very Earth hand and Earth heart line (non expressive) might take a friend fishing for the day. No word is said the whole day but at the end of the day, the friend turns and says, ‘Thank you so much. You really helped me today!’

“Somewhere we know that without silence words lose their meaning, that without listening speaking no longer heals, that without distance closeness cannot cure.”

― Henri J.M. Nouwen, the wounded healer

So, perhaps you heal by helping another person become more grounded. You help to ‘Earth’ the other because you yourself are so earthed. Naturally, if you have a Fire hand and an expressive Water (big heart) heart line, you’ll be expressing this gift in a completely different way.

BTW, it’s not your task to fix or heal anyone. You are simply the facilitator of this process in others. As soon as we try to ‘fix’ anyone we do the opposite as we are judging the other person as un-whole. Rightly so, this causes disconnection and even distrust or anger.

How to hone your skills:
1. Fully acknowledge and accept yourself. The more you comfortable you are in your own skin, the more willing and able you are to accept others ‘warts and all’ (unconditionally). The less internal contradictions you have the less threatened you will be by other people’s experiences and behaviour.
2. Know what your own values are. If you know what is important to you, you become less dependent on others for praise and evaluation. You also become less likely to have your boundaries violated or to do the same to others (eg. trying to fix them). Helping others become conscious of their values is a powerful way to help them strengthen boundaries, heal and set meaningful goals. You can only do this if you have already made the journey

3. Become a master listener. This is the simplest (and in some ways also most difficult) way to live this gift marker. Becoming an interested listener is an art. Our minds race far faster than human speech and one needs to learn skills to keep one focused on what the other is really saying. Try to anticipate what they might be trying to say and then double check
if you were right or not. What is the hidden message behind what they are telling you? Is their body language, voice tone and speech congruent? Essentially what people need is to be heard, without feeling they are being judged. Paraphrase what they tell you asking, ‘if I hear you correctly, you said……’. Besides paraphrasing, try also to mirror the other person’s voice tone, vocabulary, speed of speech and body language. If you would like to develop counselling skills more fully, one way would be to study the techniques of Carl Rogers, the great humanistic psychologist of the 1980s. Most counselling courses these days are based on his ‘client-centred’ approach.’
(You can take a very inexpensive half-year on-line module in
‘person-centred’ counselling using these techniques through UNISA (University of South Africa online courses).)
Essentially, the skills are how to maintain continuous positive regard for another and still stay congruent with your own belief system.

4. Become more intimate with yourself. This is similar to points 1 and 3 above but refers more to your connection with source, the extra psychological insight that you have coming to you. Do you listen and act on inner guidance? Do you trust your intuition? Do you stay with your own truth irrespective of what others are saying?

5. Surrender. This is something most of us would rather avoid that own up to but it is central to being a gifted healer. Surrender has to do with aligning your will to the will of God/Source. Mostly we are terrified to lose control of our own lives because we fear lightening bolts, poverty, isolation and other impossible tests of faith related to previous experience.

What does this marker look like?
This is a series of parallel stripes below the pinkie (Mercury) finger
Earning your stripes
4 stripes means you are a gifted healer
6 stripes you need to make this gift central to your life, preferably your profession.
8 stripes or more – you are a healer of healers.
How do you know if you are using this gift enough?
How much is enough is very individual. Your most intimate relationship is your barometer. If you are experiencing blocked intimacy or partnership breakdown then perhaps it’s a sign that you need to rise up to your own possibilities and share your gift with the world.

You’re a healer and you don’t have these lines?
Don’t ever beat yourself up about what you do or don’t have in your hands. If you love someone deeply but you never write your beloved a love letter, does that mean there’s no love? Of course not.
Healing capacities show up in several different ways in your hands.

Here’s an example of ‘The gifted healer’ (also known as medical stigmata)
medical stigmata palm marker, gift markeings, hand analysis classes
are you a gifted healer, gift markers, gift markings,
Are you a gifted healer?

168 thoughts on “Are you a gifted healer?

  1. Terry Reply

    Too bad the link to what it looks like is down. 🙁 I would really like to know if I can be considered a gifted healer.

  2. jane Reply

    i have read the above and looked at my hand.
    i am probably just trusting this is so,
    i dont think it is possible just coincidence
    buuut maybe
    so i looked at my best beloved hands – it is nothing like my hand
    i do appear to have the lines and a few stars well crosses actually
    in reality(?)i feel i am always looking for something, the answer
    so it could me just being fanciful and aspiring
    oohh quite exciting

    • Connue Reply

      wouldn’t you know it. it appears I have the markers under my pinkie finger. several of them

  3. Denis Reply

    I just love your weblog! Very nice post! Still you can do many things to improve it.

      • Jacob beck Reply

        I’ve looked at both hands my left has 14 lines my right is 10 this includes both deep and faint lines. I’m a coon by trade and job.

        • Scott Twilligear Reply

          I’ve always been one of those people who would run to the aid of someone else to help them if they were bleeding or a broken bones or just a bad road rash and I looked at my right hand and I have my belief 5 lines and on the other 13 I believe.

        • Joan Marie Boyd Reply

          I looked at both of my hands and I am very gifted I am a healer who can heal other people and myself 🙏

      • cindy Reply

        Hello Mam,i am interested to take i can understand.I have a healers hand.stripes is more than 8.But ia scared to use it!

  4. GarykPatton Reply

    I have been looking looking around for this kind of information. Will you post some more in future? I’ll be grateful if you will.

  5. John Reply

    that’s pretty interesting now huh.. i have a pinkie with 3 parallel lines on it. is there a book on this?

  6. Adil Reply

    sorry für die nicht auf Englisch schreibt, war ich auf der Suche nach, und ich diese Website gefunden, Ich mag Ihre Post-und Ich mag Ihnen für den Austausch zu danken.


  7. Adam Reply

    This is a really interesting topic. I have always been a bit wary of “gifted” healers but you put across some very valid points. Perhaps it is time to reappraise my beliefs.

  8. Lisa Reply

    Thank you for writing this thoughtful piece on on the medical stigmata. During my first palm reading, years ago, I was informed that my palm had these markings. I believe I just moved out of a penalty phase and again have the opportunity to move towards using my gifts. Thank you for the clarity and reminders. Now, on to courage and pursuing my life purpose and soul path.

    Warmly, Lisa

  9. Sophia Feliciano Reply

    I just recently figured out I’m a healer. This article makes so much sense to me. No wonder all my life I have had all kind of people…especially others with special abilities come my way. They always say I help them somehow. A million thanks for this article. I know what I am now :’)

  10. Natalie Reply

    Wow, this is so interesting. Thank you for sharing and for referring to it again in your email newsletter. I have 8 lines below my pinkie and they are somewhat faint. Would this have to do with not using my gift? (I have been very ill for years.) Or maybe faintness doesn’t matter?

    • Jena Post authorReply

      8 lines is a big deal, faint or not they are there. Perhaps your illness is one of the challenges on your “heroes journey” preparing you for your role in future? Good luck there. Own your gift. 🙂

  11. Natalie Reply

    Jena, Thank you! Maybe it is my journey to being a healer that can really help others. I sure hope so!

  12. Kit Sturman Reply

    hi Jenna,

    great post about the medical stigmata…

    i’m a 2005 graduate of Richard and Alana’s school and wanted to ask your thoughts re the healer of healer lines..(.i have 8 or so on each hand)…

    even tho we’re the ones to determine what healing looks like to us, what’s your interpretation of ‘healer of healers?’ does that mean that the person works with body and energy workers, inspirational speakers, etc…

    does it indicate a deeper intuitive connectedness? yes, i am caught up in the semantics! lol.what if i use the gift regularly or daily but don’t get paid for it directly…

    if this seems like it needs to be a consultation, please tell me…i’m OK with that…i don’t want to impose on your time and skills without paying you 🙂

    other characteristics of my hands: handful of whorls, composites on both thumbs, lesson on left Jupiter, a variety of gift markers, mainly earth hands (especially shape) with some firey lines and watery soft skin…

    i am a fitness teacher, currently yoga and Pilates reformer classes; have life coaching and spiritual study/personal growth work…also published writer…i’m (normally) very happy teaching…i am compiling notes and photographs to share with insights…and it truly doesn’t need to take as long as i do or to make it as difficult! just an observation not a criticism!

    much gratitude for reading through this, and sharing your thoughts..


    kit sturman

    • Jena Post authorReply

      Hi Kit,

      This is difficult to answer without actually seeing your hands. Yes, generally this is what it means. Perhaps in your case even teaching other yoga or fitness teachers It sounds like you are doing quite a bit of healing work and perhaps your writing is also an expression of this. That said, the “healer of healers” is a big deal and not a marker to turn one’s back on. Are you concerned that you are not living this marker fully? The fact that you are writing here makes me wonder. Is there a voice inside you telling you there is a lot more?
      Tap into this voice and also look at how you are doing on the relationship front. Perhaps use this as a barometer for whether or not what you are currently doing is “enough” to satisfy the healer of healers.

      If you would like a full consultation here’s the link.
      I would love to advise you further having seen your prints.

  13. Munira Reply

    I have these marks in my little finger and somebody pointed out to me that you are a healer. I am not a physical healer but I normally console people who are in pain and help them through talking. People say that I am good at listening

  14. Angelica Reply

    Just discovered this website. I recently had a gentleman approach me and talked about how my aura was just bursting with color. I cant remember his exact words but he mentioned being a healer and I’m interested. I have the lines like the picture. Im not sure where to start counting but it looks like there’s 7-8 and a few going towards the top of my hand. I would love to know more. Thanks!

  15. Mary-Anne Reply

    What an incredible post and website, thank you!
    I have a different number of lines on the left to right. As a chiropractor and a person with hot “healer” hands I am cool with having these stripes- I have stacks but they are broken and jagged especially on the left versus right.
    Perhaps i should have a consult…
    magic site

  16. Rande Wagner Reply

    Wow, I’ve seen some powerful palm readings; to find this after so long, and so much training (even since I was 3 years old), and 100’s & 1000’s people coming my way, often looking for me… Makes me feel rather sheepish.
    I am a practicing healer; ReikiMaster, Acupuncturist, Reflexology, trained to adjust, herbologist, and yet still working in this physical plane to wrap it all in a way that gives me a life while still helping others. I have ALL of the markings: 8 to 9 lines under the pinkie, plus many of the palm crosses on the full-hand pictures. I DO heal healers. Now, how do I find a way to make that my life’s work that actually supports me? *sighs*
    Thanks for the additional confirmation, really 😉

  17. Russell Coletti Reply

    I was just seeing my favorite “see’re” I have been healing with my hands for only a few months, (I’m 60). I laid my hands on her head for just two minutes because she suffers from migraines. I lifted my hands off her head, and noticed after she opened her eyes, that she could barely open her eyes and her eye’s were dilated. I have 8 very deep lines at the base of my little finger on my left hand.

  18. Subhash Chandra Verma Reply

    Dear Jena Griffiths,

    I have gone through your this post “Are you a gifted healer?”

    These marks are in my both hands numbering more than 10.

    My little finger is a little longer from the third mark of the ring finger.

    Enlarged bulge in both of the palms.

    Some other features of lines on palms are also resembling as per your studies.

    I am copying my one of the link of a video of mine describing spiritual healing energy which is recorded few years back and displayed in YouTube by The New Age Foundation (An International Organization),Delhi, India.

    The other posted link is related to tracked and followed by UFO in 1990 in Nepal.

    I am a Civil Engineer by profession and presently working in Afghanistan. I have graduated my engineering in 1976 with a Master Degree in 1988.

    Subhash Chandra Verma

    Kathmandu, Nepal

  19. Naseem Reply

    I have about 12 parallel lines very close together that go toward the indentation of my pinkie finger and ring finger , closer to my pinkie finger on my right hand. ACtually now that I look at it the lines go all the way to my ring finger but those lines are not as long as the ones near my pinkie finger. I have eye floaters and can see invisible auras (not colored). I just recently started noticing these things. My intimate relationship has faltered (5 years or so). I don’t know if this means that I need to do something with my healing hands or if I really do have healing hands. I just don’t know what to do.

  20. Dara Reply

    I have 8 lines on my left hand and 6 on my right. Good thing I am going to school to be a Doctor of Natuopathy.

  21. freddie Reply

    Hello, I happend to come across your page here by chance. Years ago I was but only 18, visitng florida for the 1st time and my friend took me to a park out there where I noticed a palm reading sign and said lets check it out. I got a reading done and I was so surprise to hear what she had said. She revealed to me that i am a very powerful healer and that i can heal with my hands. I looked at her like she was telling a joke but the only one laughing was me. She was very serious. I told her u got to be crazy, like I came here for fun and i had no idea this would be the result. She even told me how to do it(heal) and I came away from that reading not knowing what to do it. 3yrs later….I was at work and I noticed this girl I had worked had a nasty bruise on her wrist going up to her forearm and looked all kind of colors. I felt so bad for her, so I called her over to where I was at. I washed my hands in cold water and I had asked her to pray, she said pray? I said yeah pray that this bruise can go away, I said it with a smile and I was being very light hearted and joking. So then I did what the lady (palm reader) had told me, rub my hands together and all that, while praying myself quietly. The next day this girls was back to normal. She kept saying I was jesus and I was like no Im not. Yrs later I happened to bomb into this women at the store and i said hello and we talked and she brought things up and I asked her yo that really happened right like your bruises disappeared and all that. She said to me u are jesus I told u that then and I stick to it. Its been yrs now and I was just sitting remembering. Then I type in some info about healing hands and it brought me to this page, where I noticed you mention that if you have parallel lines under the mercury finger. Well I have like 8 or 9 lines in that area. I don’t know much about this stuff but if there something else I should be doing? Also sorry my post is a bit wordy.

  22. Tomašs Reply

    Hi Jenna I Believe My Dad Was Learning At Your Courses Sadly He Was Killd By Verry Bad Man And He Showed My Mom How He Healed Flower Plant Which Was At Its Dying State And Soon Enough The Plant Started To Bloom Again I Would Like To Have His Powers With In Hands But I Dont Have Those Stripes…. Still I Believe In This ^^

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Tomass, not having the lines does NOT mean you don’t have the gift. A lot of very gifted healers do not have these lines.
      But if you have these lines they are an indicator that you need to take your gift more seriously.
      You know in your heart that you have the same healing talents as your dad. Trust your heart. Nothing else.

  23. lisa Reply

    I have these markings on my right hand i have no pinky. I have 4 marks on my hand under my ring finger and another 4 lines at the base of my ring finger and in the next section up the middle i have 1 large and deep one.

  24. Pam Reynolds Reply

    I just ran across this post and checked the more in depth blog post as well. I have been a Reiki Master for 8 years and am completing training as a Massage Therapist in February. I was quite surprised when I looked closely and discovered 8 of these lines on each of my hands. This explains a lot about recent occurances in my class and with my therapist and doctors I have had contact with over the last few months.

  25. Linda Reply

    Good article! I really enjoyed it! I have about nine or ten lines under my pinky before they go around the side of my hand. I’ve been in the healing arts for many years going from one modality to another. I am into energy healing and most recently an reading people’s energy and mentoring. Angelic beings are usually there to assist and provide messages of support. Relationships have not been a strong point for me, but I have been heading myself to hopefully be able to create that. I’m not sure how that plays into my ability to heal others though. Strange thing though about relationships though, I met someone from a past life who had forced me to marry him back then and in this life, I was so terrified of him that I became seriously ill with Adrenal Exhaustion I thought I could die. More I’m not able to to do but a couple of hours of healing per week. I feel devastated by this and I don’t understand it. It’d taken all three class on healing, mentoring, and marketing and now I don’t have the energy or mental capacity for a business. I’m on the road to recovery, but it might be another year, possibly more to recover. Any tips?

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Linda,

      I suggest Phyllis Krystal’s figure of 8 cutting ties that bind exercise. You need to do it 2 weeks and then cut the ties in a private ritual.
      This really works. The other option is to go see Don Pedro a shaman in the Amazon. He goes to Germany once a year and has healed many people from this sort of thing. A group from Germany are going to him in January for 3 weeks. Maybe for you?

      All the best

      • Linda Reply

        Thanks for your reply and suggestions Jena. I have had many shaman sessions already and for me, traveling to Germany would be out of the question. I’ve already done cord cutting several times too. I will check into that book by Phyllis Krystal that you mentioned. Maybe that will help. Who knew someone from 450 years past would come back to bite me. lol

        I may want to get a palm reading too to hone in on which kind of healing work would work best for me and whatever else I can gain from a reading.


  26. Edward Tagg Reply

    I have eighteen lines…
    I work as a psychic.. inner child therapist. .. spiritual enlightenment teacher.
    Bless Edward

  27. Katalim Reply

    I have got the lines. Im using my energy by massage. I am a swedish massuer. This is God’s gift.

  28. Cillene Reply

    Hi, I have 6 lines on one hand and 8 on the other. For years I’ve always been told that I have amazing hands when I touch people. As a child I used to rub my dads feet (3 years old). Needless to say I’ve always had the urge to massage or touch people..wasn’t till recently that I realised that I am able to pinpoint the pain in others bodies without touching them. When I was small I was able to heat and cool my hands by holding them, hovering them opposite of each other. I can still do it just takes more concentration. This freaked people out and I stopped doing it for a while. A few nights ago I walked past a lady and out of nowhere I just touched her back rubbed her shoulder and the strangest thing happened. She turned to me after a few minutes and said that she felt me physically healing her and I have no idea what I’ve done for her. I was shocked to say the least and don’t know what came over me. It lead me to research this.

    I am scared because I know that I am not able to control it. It comes and goes. Please help me. What should I do to improve it, learn about it or control it? Can it be controlled? No one else understands it and thinks I’m talking bull.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Dear Cillene,

      You have a gift that needs to be lived/shared with others and it grows stronger the more you use and share it. Don’t be scared as this simply drops your energy. Explore and be open and honest, playful and adventurous. Tell people not to expect anything as you are just a part collaborating with a larger field.
      Maybe explore the work of Clif Sanderson and other healers you resonate with. Good luck!

  29. Shruti Gupta Reply

    I am having many dark lines on my left hand on mercury mount but on my right hand they are very faint. Can you please explain this? Does this mean that I cannot become a doctor??

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Shruti, nothing in your hand stops you from becoming a Dr if that is in your heart. Some Drs have gifted healer lines some not. This doesn’t necessarily make one with these lines a better dr than the other. If you have this marker, it simply means your hands are reminding you to make your talents the focal point of your life. You only need it on one hand (doesn’t matter which) for this to apply.

  30. Inesa Reply

    Hello Jena,
    thanks you for your writing, after looking for information on web, I finally found something that resonates with me.
    I have been recently discovering palmistry in order to find answers about myself. I don’t know much but I hope it can help me to solve my issues. Quite often I can hear my intuition guiding me but I can’t read the messages.. I am not sure how I am blocking it. The same happens with my dreams. Every time I need an answer I ask for it before falling asleep and I get the answer in while dreaming, if the answer is in the middle of the dream I even wake up at that point. But most of the time I can’t “read” the message. I feel a bit upset about that and don’t know how to find the ways to remove those blocks that are keeping me blind.
    After reading your article I realized that my 7 years of being single could be related with my lifestyle. I have 9 lines on my right hand and many but not that deep on my left. And if I need to do something about that I am not sure what. I feel that 1., 2. and 4. really make sense and I should focus on that but again I am not sure how to work on that..

  31. Dilyara Reply

    Dear Jena Griffiths, are you able to tell if someone has a gift from a distance? If so, I wonder about myself. Thank you!

  32. Vanny Reply

    Hello Jena. It’s a wonderful article and thank for posting it up, really appreciate it.
    By the way, I’m kinda curious at some point there about 6 stripes.

    “6 stripes you need to make this gift central to your life, preferably your profession.”
    Could you explain further about this sentence, please? Because, I think I have those 6 parallel lines under my pinkie finger. And I’m just aware of these lines actually. So, thanks in advance for your further information.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Vanny, sorry just your post as it went into the spam bin. Think back on your own life, what have you been through and healed from? How can you help others heal from a similar pain? There are many different types of healer. The main thing is to be as fully present as you can be while in the company of the other person, this allows the universe/the divine to eitire inspire you or work through you…

  33. Sue Phelps Reply

    I have the lines and have many who confide in me for advice and direction. Reading angel cards is also my forte. Not sure why or what I do for people but they seek me out!

  34. Angelina Reply

    I see that I have 8 lines. I have always wanted to be a healer but not the conventional/medical/big pharma sort. I have gone through quite a number of ordeals in the past 4 years and still am in dire straights. I hope that at some point, I have the ability to help others through the pain and experiences that I have, myself, endured.

  35. Cheri Hagee Reply

    Every person is Gifted and all you have to do is just be you in order to heal someone. Do not get caught up in negative garbage, drama, even your thoughts can change your facial expressions that allows others to thing you are “looking down” on another. Practice compassion, love unconditionally, respect yourself and others, be honest and work in truth. Whatever this says you can be whatever you want to be. Do Creator/God’s work is to live a good life.

  36. Tris Reply

    I am a gifted healer by touch and can see things by touch al so, I came into this gift when I was able to see into the spirit world

  37. Dunn Reply

    hi Jena, I have more than 8 stripes and I could feel the pain in other persons where they are hurting and sometimes I could feel how warm/hot energy is coming out from that person, every time when I put my hands upon that person body or by over it not touching it I just pray to GOD to do the healing on him/her. Sometimes I feel I’m doing it wrong or am I doing it the right way. Today I just go with the flow if that’s ok.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Dunn, it is not for you to “do” the healing. Just be as fully present as you can be with no mind. This allows the divine to come in through the empty space you create.

  38. Graham ramsey Reply

    Got the 8+lines
    Im a distance healer with the distance healing network
    Should I try on hands healing
    I’m a retired nurse 32years service

  39. Eddy Reply

    My left hand is burned because of something that happened when I was very young, but on my right hand, I’ve got about 10 lines, but what does this tell me? How do I help people? You can’t expect me to just start telling people I can heal them and start putting my hands on everyone….

    Sincerely yours,
    fellow human

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Eddy, read the post again. It may sink in differently a few years later.
      This doesn’t necessarily mean putting your hands on someone to heal them. It’s more about lending them your spaciousness pr presence. Being the calm lake that the moon can land in to reflect back on itself perfectly is a good analogy. Being fully present with no thought you allow the Divine in (a higher level of intelligence to land between you). How this plays out depends on what capacities are currently available and doesn’t really matter. All that matters is you switching of your mind and allowing the other person to feel deeply seen. Good luck there. Email me if you have further questions about this, or write them below.

  40. Nancy Reply

    I have 4 lines on each hand. I have always been confused about what I was feeling, my uncle killed himself when I was 8 years old and after he died I had a dream for at least 1 week that he cut my arm with a knife and sayd I’m sorry for hurting you. I have always been a very positive person and everyone tells me how they feel. Sometimes I feel like water drops fell on me and there was nothing. Sometimes also when
    I try to sleep i have images of people like they where in front of me. Our i can see my husband when he was younger. My mother died 3 years ago and I took care of her for 15 years and
    I think i know when she comes to see me cause i have images
    Of me and my sister young. My husband even said she came to see him in his dream and he never met her. I don’t know what to make of this.

  41. Hilda Collins Reply

    I do have about 8 lines on both hands I’m a REIKI MASTER /teacher very interesting article Thank You Namaste

  42. Marina Reply

    Thanks for another magnificent post. Is there anywhere else one can get this
    kind of info in such a perfect writing style? I have a presentation next week, and I am on the
    search for such info.

  43. Michaela Reply

    At church my hand always tingles or it starts to shake in the Holy Spirit, usually just the right one but sometimes the left one joins in. My hand tingles when I raise my hands to pray or praise the lord. But, God had lead me to a bunch of articles explaining why this happens and I even asked him myself. I believe I may be a healer, in the future maybe not at this moment because I’m only thirteen. But on my left hand I have ten stripes a lot of them are noticeable and others are faded, while on my right hand I have twelve stripes.

  44. jenny Reply

    Someone just told me I have the marks as a matter of facoout I have 10 of them. Can you advise me on how I can use it to the best of my abilities? I am a nurse. That’s a start I guess!

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Jenny, being a nurse is certainly a start. But you are healer of healers so perhaps all your nursing colleagues come to you for counseling?

  45. rsrpratap Reply

    Its a good informative article.I have 3 lines and the 4th is branched on left hand below pinkie and 4 on right with 1st and 4th straight but 2nd and 3rd being branched and touching 1st(1-2) and (3-4).Is it healing and potential to help others,I wonder?You must be right person to enlighten me,thank you .rsrpratap

  46. jim berry Reply

    I checked my healing lines have 11 on left and 9 or right hand (I’m right handed). When age 19 as I had my palms read quit by accident but she noticed me as I entered the room that my aura of white light was rather large and I had streaks of violet/crimson about my neck. Frankly I thought this gal was nuts but I was her guest along with others and didn’t wish to make a scene. She told me things about my past and future that as I type this at age 70 were in fact to become very real. She told me of great waters (navy 66 – 70.)I’d have two children and married once, then she looked into my right palm telling me that at age 56 (yeah no joke) I’d have a medical crisis but would survive it. Guess what she was right I have an extremely rare virus wrapped around my 3 – 5th vertebrae that cause my digestive system to mimic dumping syndrome. I’d pass out into coma like for 24 to 36 hours and never move…couldn’t eat much lost 70 plus pounds with NO medication available I have overcome the ailment but I have private care via VA as A typical High Priority patient been disabled since 2002 SS had to go outside their normal process to even find a doctor skilled enough to understand what was happening to me…SS couldn’t get the checks out fast enough. The palm reader was from Yugoslavia. Never thought much of it until I got sick it was quit an adventure but I’m ok today can manage the moments and get fabulous care from VA doctors…have my own page in medical journals how about that one. Yes I have very strong healing abilities by healing myself not sure about others but seem to gravitate towards ill people. I took care of my mother just me and her for 13 years she passed on (on her terms) with my care age 101 + she was a hoot and very strong will personality but so very kind to others….I had a great mother. PS: Doctors to this day will not reveal the virus fearing I’d get too depressed – it’s a killer but one of the few survivors I am one.

  47. Carly Reply

    Great website and swell of information! I have a question about this.. I am unsure which lines to count.

    I have 8+ lines on both hands in the area circled on the image. I can’t really count them, or know which ones to count, as some are more prominent than others. As I start counting from the inside of my hand towards the outside, the lines keep going. The density of vertical lines increases significantly, and the lines under my pinky pretty much wrap around to the side of my hand.

    The main question would be, are these extra vertical lines running under my pinky but farther towards the edge of my hand, a different type of line? They are all quite prominent, and too many to count in the big cluster. They also cross my top marriage line(is that the right name?). Is there a significance for this cluster of lines closer to the edge of my hand? As I count, the healing lines I am certain about just continue into this mass of lines! I would love to hear your input.

    I have had some incredible advancements and eye-wideners in my spiritual practices within the last few years, with clairvoyant experiences, visions, meditations, yoga, and other peoples inputs. On many accounts, I’ve been told I should be a healer in one way or another.. I know this is so. I am working on healing myself first, and accepting that I am safe to heal others. I have been running away for too long. I know I have things I need to do, and possibly the concentration of lines around the side of my hand is a clue? Thank you for all your help, and I look forward to exploring more of your fantastic resources of knowledge!
    Love and light

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Carly, It sounds like you have more than enough lines to indicate healer of healers. My opinion on this: nobody can take responsibility for another’s healing. So don’t put pressure or expectations on yourself in this regard. Think of yourself as a tuning fork. The more you take yourself to a higher frequency the more you influence others to go into resonance with you. There may be reasons beyond your control why they don’t so have no expectations. Simply be the catalyst by
      a. working on your own energy every morning through meditation etc
      b. showing up and allowing an empty window (no mind) for the divine to work through you.

      That’s it. Switch your mind off and allow the big window you have access to to be wide open for others..

  48. qahbeh Reply

    Appreciation to my father who informed me concerning this website, this website is
    really amazing.

  49. Mukul Raj Reply

    Dear Jena !
    I would like to thank U but I hv no words except a warm hug to U 🙂
    I hv 4 deep lines on my right hand just below the pinky finger n 6/7 lines on my left hand though I m right handed person.
    I want to explore my this quality before the mass as a mankind service. Im energetic n intuitive too…
    Please guide me per return of post I want to make disease free world.
    Thanks a lot
    Love n warm regards,
    ( Mukul Raj)

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Dear Mukul

      Have you tried using sound for this? Tibetan singing bowls, Biosonic tuning forks…and so on.

      Best wishes

  50. Dave Reply

    Ok if I have over 20 lines that run from the inside of the pinky that goes all around the side up to the top of the hand. I can project energy from my hands or take energy from a person. I have been able to do this since I was 8 years old. People feel the energy coming from my hands as pins. What kind of healer would I be? I can send you a picture if you want.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Dave yes, send me a picture to jena(at) sounds like you are a strong channel of healing energy. But actually people are like tuning forks, so when you resonate at a high level you cause others to resonate at a high level…

  51. Mary Reply

    Hello. Very interesting read. Thank you I have lots of lines to both pinkies. Childhood religion kept my belief at bay many years. I have been overwhelmingly drawn to place my hand on others for over a decade. I listen now. I have been called to visit an acquaintance in a coma specifically to lay my had and speak (amazing experience).I have had psychics be taken back in my presence. Spoke of my intense spiritual connection. Then, unfortunately & fortunately, I lost everything. Everything. (I’m 45). Stripped. Ive had 5 surgeries in 18 mo, 7 in 5 yrs , alone, which took a serious toll. I only realized I was an empath 3 years ago. Now, intense therapy 3x week with a perfect match. Not sure where to go from here and that’s OK. At least I want to live now. I just know I’m meant for more. Ive been terrible trying to fix ppl. Now just me. I’m blessed to live along a forest above the river. Healing, for sure I appreciate your time in reading this post. Grateful for Hope again! Mary

  52. Rebecca Reply

    WOW!!!!! i have 8 lines under my pinky. I knew you i was a healer because of the M’s i have but this makes it better

  53. Jan Howorth Reply

    I have 12 of these lines, I have been able to heal, take pain away and put people to sleep for years but don’t know how to control it or use it properly. Any ideas please

  54. Des Rsj Reply

    Nice article. Love to read more on love,marriage and othrr health issues.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Des, I don’t really cover health issues. The subject was touched on during the life lines video call last year (2016) with Richard Unger. The reason I did this call was to dispel the myth that lifeline length is linked to longevity. Generally the quality of the hand print starts to break up when a person’s health is suffering. Dots start to appear (visible on hand print not on hand) on the lifeline and overall.
      These are stress indicators. So, mindfulness and going back to basics to take care of yourself is the solution. The dots will then disappear.

      Re love and marriage, search this site for anything on heart lines. 🙂

  55. franchesca jones Reply

    I had an energy healing done today, and the man who did it was explaining colors that he can radiating out of bodies, i asked what he seen with me and he stated that he didn’t see color energies emulating from me, but instead he said his hands felt super huge and white when working on me during our session, we didn’t go into detail, but now I’m curious to what it could mean?

  56. franchesca jones Reply

    every once in a while i feel a tingling out of my left ankle, and it always grabs my attention because it feels like a buzzing going on inside my ankle. Its the same feeling every time and it’s been happening for about 4 years now. Does this sound like something having to do with energy? The first time it happened, i had to take my shoe off and look inside it to see why it was buzzing…it was very weird, but have experienced it about 4 more times over 4 years…Just curious of what it is.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Franchesca, this sounds like grounding energy and your subtle body awakening. I think it means you are en route to becoming fully embodied or already are. i will ask my mentor on these matters, Markus Hirzig about this and get back to you. Here’s a public recording with him in the meantime
      and another which is the only public demo that I know of where he demonstrates full embodiment; you can see him feel right into what another person is feeling.

      after 55.40 minutes into the call.

      Unfortunately the person he was working with didn’t have a good headset on so sound isn’t good when the other person talks, but Markus is clear.
      Each of us is an antenna channeling light onto the planet. Most of us are still partially or totally switched off (not yet ready) but I think this buzz in your feet is an indication that the energy is ready to flow more. So maybe its a sign you need to act on. That fact that you are writing this here on my hand analysis blog indicates that you should perhaps check out my mentor’s work. He is teh expert on these matters not me. I’ve gone from disembodied (living in my head/thinking thinking thinking) to partially embodied in the last year and am still busy with this… work in progress … an incredible journey.

  57. Helena Reply

    I have extremely hot hands and everyone feels cold to me. I have these lines just under my little finger they are very visible
    I do massage and I have cured sciatica and people with migrant complaints. Not meaning to or knowing I am a healer but then I am extremely sensitive spiritually and see and hear things particularly I can sense negative and positive energy all around.

    • Helena Reply

      Sorry I meant migrane not migrants lol
      Is there anyone I can talk to for guidance on my natural ability? I feel it very strong and intense lately but I feel a bit of a freak

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Helena, sounds like you have switched on the energy centers in your hands. Fantastic! Do your work. Don’t feel like a freak you are simply ahead of the curve.
      Many gifted healers haven’t managed this part yet. See if you can do same in your feet too with breath work. (which will aid grounding of your work.)

  58. Samrah Reply

    i am confused!
    i think i have been healing people in the past which i was not aware off but always felt it was because of me coz i prayed for them, now since i have been noticing my doing and feel it too, i tell people what to do and what to take for certain pain and other medical conditions it works. its like a voice that guides me through the whole thing and the out come is always positive.
    i want to know what is this???
    what i need to do to understand this gift??
    i really want to help people it always makes me happy when the person ” I am Have NO PAIN”
    please help me clear this situation of mine.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Samrah, what I’m saying is don’t feel like a freak. You are not. Your channels are open. Allow yourself to be fully present and grounded for the Divine to work through you. That means no ego. You are not doing anything except being fully present to allowing the energy to flow through you and attending to whatever needs your attention or ability to take action.

  59. Samrah Reply

    hello jena,
    sorry for bothering you but i was reading the comments and in one you asked .. “how you are doing on the relationship front” .. what do you exactly mean by this???

    thanks jena, please clear this…

  60. Samrah Reply

    thank you jena for your reply..

    i have no ego.. its just that i am shy and i cant explain myself, people won’t believe me anyway.


    i really really want to know what did you mean when you asked one of your questioner ..

    “how you are doing on the relationship front” ..

  61. Ashlea shaw Reply

    Hello Jena. I am very new to this. Nervous to bring myself into the open. I can make myself hallucinate as well as feel, and see, muscles under someone’s skin move as my hand travels over. I have been able to heal extremely bad injuries, on other poeple, in a matter of minutes. It feels as if my breathing and heart beat became one. I feel like I look like a zombie when I zone out deeply.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Sherry you don’t need more information. You need to step into this capacity by being fully present with others. A good conduit with no thought..

  62. Snead Reply

    So lost yet trying to
    Listen for next move in life , family or the future ? Who do you nurture yourself or others?

  63. Esther Reply

    God the Son & Holy Spirit!!!
    I received this info years ago!!!
    And now it has been verified thru you…
    Thanks so much!!
    God Bless You!!

  64. LovelyLeo66 Reply

    Interesting. This is my first time hearing about healer markers. I’ve always noticed them on my hands but thought everyone had them.

  65. Kim Reply

    Hi Jena,
    Thanks for being present. Im happy for this thread. As of lately in the past month I have noticed the palms of my hands are hot as well as the bottom of my feet. They also tingle. I started meditation the beginning of March and I listen to sound vibrations for the chakras while I sleep, tibitiean or crystal bowls or angelic sound frequencies . I have 5 lines on my left hand and 3 on my right. If I am a healer, how can I put myself to good use? Thank you

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Kim, great that you have opened the energy centers in the palms of your hands! Any form of healing that you feel comfortable with will serve as a channel.
      Good luck!

  66. Haven Reply

    Hi Jena,

    Thank You for this article, especially in helping me to gauge how much I’m walking my path and using my gift, by looking at my intimate relationship. I have yet to be in a real and satisfying intimate relationship, which does in fact feel like another block in my life. I’m curious how one’s intimate relationship and developing one’s healing gifts relate; they do feel very connected. Is it a matter of vulnerability? I feel stuck in both of these areas – How can I begin to open these up in my life?

    Thank You!

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Haven, I think it’s about being fully present and that does include risking vulnerability.
      The 2 go hand in hand because it’s about intimate presence. Actually being in your body and not in your head.
      The other can feel you are there and when you are fully present they feel safe enough to be fully present too.
      therefore allowing in divine inspiration into the space between you.

      maybe embodiment exercises? see for example

  67. Shin Reply

    Hmm I only have 4 long lines and 8 shorter lines on my right hand, are the shorter lines counted? I only have it on my right hand, my left hand has only 3lines

  68. Shin Reply

    Hmm I only have 4 long lines and 8 shorter lines on my right hand, are the shorter lines counted? I only have it on my right hand, my left hand has only 1long & 2short lines. Am I considered a healer?

  69. Lori Reply

    Explains a little bit,have over 10 lines and some under other fingers also,not a blessing it is a curse,Don’t want it and want to get rid of it.I get other peoples anger being near them almost uncontrollable to feel what they feel,always catch what they have as far as illness,they get better and I get what they have.They always pass on there bad luck,never anything good ever happens to me,only to them,don’t want to talk to anyone anymore. How do I make it go away and stop harming me.I don’t want to go on with life anymore,stop giving me all your problems I don’t want this curse anymore,great for everyone else except me.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Dear Lori

      It sounds like you are ultra sensitive. There are no curses except our own minds. Get yourself the book “the presence process” by Michael Brown. you can also get some breath-work exercises for free on his site (this link will open in a new tab)

      work through this book. apply it in your life. and if it helps you, teach it to others.

      Good luck

  70. john cross Reply

    l’ve been writing my life story as l cant walk through a muscle wasting decease l had nearly finished book when my wife hit her hand on the door it swelled up l then remembered she fell over 11yrs ago l used my right hand again brought the bruise out then the swelling her hand was back to normal. my hand was hot and a sort of throbbing my carer had arthritis l put my hand round her little finger and left hand on her head l did for a few minutes emma shouted my head is hot she moved her finger back to normal. l then realized l have healing hands l healed about 50 people knees fingers backs ect. l shall be finishing my book with this amazing story.
    yours sincerely

  71. Destiny Reply

    I have the lines. I am an intuitive empath as well as a light worker. I’m starting school to become an addiction psychologist.

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  73. H.Deva Shree Sharma Reply

    I ‘ v this mark on my palm and I try to my best knowledge to heal and it works.

  74. wesley Reply

    hi Jena,I got 8+ lines on my right hand….even i dnt knw whether I m using it or not..but when people talk to me,They said there’s something special in you coz u made our hearts satisfied ..something like we forget our worries whenever we used to talk with u.. its like touching their soul..
    sometimes when i touch them they said,they feel like warming sensation.. But , sometimes I used to fear what people will think of me , If I m saying to them that I can heal… Can u tell me Jena I am on a right path….??

  75. Natalie Reply

    Wow. I’ve always noticed these lines in both my hands and wondered what they may have meant-if anything.I have about 8 in my right.

  76. Alan Reply

    Hello Jena,

    I was searching on the web on what to do if you can heal and came across your webpage it was amazing to see the lines on my hands thank you for this confirmation of what ive already known and used on various friends and relatives but not enough to the extent that i feel that i can be using it for. I feel this strong desire to use it more but not really sure how to go about doing so mainly because im not sure of what degree i can heal others and dont know where to even begin healing people other than those close to me. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for making this website.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Hi Alan

      Gifted healer can express in a number of different ways depending on your hand shape (temperament) other strengths markings and also your fingerprints (purpose).
      It is not really possible for me to narrow down the possibilities without seeing your hand prints. Maybe book a mini session instead of a full session with me if funds are tight. Or if that isn’t a possibility you can work with honing your healer capacity generically; aim to be more and more present in a 3 sync way: fully present to the other person and fully present to yourself ( body sensations, emotions and mind) and also fully present or open to divine inspiration. (4 sync). The lines indicate you already have access to a wide bandwidth so trust this and share. Good luck!

  77. neo Reply

    Hi Ma’am Jena,

    I have 4 parallel lines with almost the same length in my right palm under the pinkie. if I am a gifted healer how can I start to use it?

    Also, for over a year, from 2nd quarter of 2018 up to present. I always encounter seeing series of numbers. EVERY DAY like 111, 222, 11:11, 333, 444,555 and so on wherever I go. mostly from the car plate, digital clock mobile phone and even on the internet, grocery receipts or in my computation. The number 111,444, 555, show several times in just a single day while other series did not. or the 777, 888 several times in a single day, but other series did not show up. did not. With this experience, I look for an answer to the internet. Is it true that those are angel numbers?

    I wonder if you help me with this.

    Thank you.

    Neo from Phils.

  78. Jozef Reply

    I have them in both hands but they were stronger in the past.left hand has most lines. I am a male nurse working for more then 39 years in a home for elderly people living with dementia. After my retirement i m going to volunteer on a palliative unit.

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Awesome Jozef! You are a living example of this powerful gift. So glad to you will continue after retirement!
      Good for you and the fortunate souls in your care.

      Wishing you many happy healthy volunteer years!

  79. Peter Reply

    I am a gifted healer I have the marks however the more people I help the more marks appear on my hands has anyone else experienced this ?

  80. Moita Reply

    Hi Jena 🤍 I have a good number of these lines on both palms. Mainly on my right hand.
    I feels warmth and a magnetic pull in my hands… Maybe this is why? But how do you learn to use this to help others?
    I also have a tendency to have stray animals follow me home, dragon flies and butterflies sit on me at will randomly and I also attract psychotic mentally affected people who just want a conversation.
    I have suffered depression lately and I am in this very weird situation where I have so many blocks going on in my life. Is this part of such a journey to be a healer?
    My dreams are so vivid it is like I sleep only to wake up in another place.
    This post was posted some years back but I do hope you can give me some insight 🤍 warm regards

    • Jena Griffiths Post authorReply

      Dear Moita, these are big questions beyond my scope to answer. Ask your guides for clarity and trust your dreams. Perhaps David R hawkin’s book “Letting Go” could be useful to you now re letting go of thinking and allowing the feelings to wash through you and dissolve like clouds. This is how you regain your energy rather than feed a thought pattern. Good Luck to you and many blessings, Jena

  81. Alisa Reply

    I am a magnet for people thT have life issues, I have been told many times that I saved them from the worst. I have one that has to visit me daily cause I always make them feel better I. some way. I also think I feel and Absorbe energy from others. I would love to tune more into this but afraid it would invite something dark into my life. afraid for some reason.

  82. jayesh Reply

    more than 7 lines i am healer and worked as healer in my early life but learn now abt line on hands or u can say checked it now thanks for info … now i am more than just lines achieved the last goal of lie and now just happy to leave the material world.. even activated last 2 chakras, and many more hidden facts that are still hidden from world.. only handful will conquer that path

  83. Jana Reply

    Hi Jena, interesting article. I wonder if any studies have been done to tie such existence of lines to personality types. For example, I am an HSP (MBTI INFJ) and have heard that healing is a strength among us. So…do most of us also have the lines? I have four+ lines under the pinkie on each hand, but assumed that was due to dry skin and tanning and growing older.
    Any thoughts?

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